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Good Dentistry Is Really About A One-to-One Connection Between The Dentist And YOU!

We’ve heard it said that ‘Dentistry is 85% communication and 15% dental skills’. In other words, good dentistry can’t happen without good communication.

What do we mean by good communication? 177 more words

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Visiting the Horses

One of my good friends invited us to come hang out last weekend with her and her two horses, Cap and Fasci. What a lovely couple of hours we spent at the barn! 7 more words


Chronicles of a Young Wife: My Daily Brushing Regimen: Redefining The Way You See Clean

Your smile depends on simple dental care habits such as brushing and flossing. The question is, are you using the right techniques?

A beautiful smile greatly depends on personal dental habits. 557 more words


3 tips for brushing your child's teeth!

If you’re the parent of a toddler than you can relate to how hard it is when it comes time to brushing their teeth. I am a Mother of three, all under the age of five, and I’ve developed some tricks that may work for you and your toddlers! 283 more words


What to expect during your treatment...

There are things you can do to ensure your treatment wraps up in a timely manner. By following these suggestions, you can avoid any setbacks during your treatment. 90 more words


When Should I Replace My Old Toothbrush?

Brushing your teeth frequently is important in maintaining a healthy smile. That bright, white smile will not last long, however, if you don’t take care of your toothbrush. 16 more words

Do You Know How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

These days, dental problems have become very common, but there are several products and treatments available in the market that can help people maintain healthy and strong teeth that can last a lifetime. 462 more words