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Tricks of the Trade

Hey, little one.

I wanted to share some of the little tricks we’ve learned so far. Someday, when you’re old enough to read these letters, you yourself might find such information useful if and when you’re beginning your own family. 270 more words

Brush Up on Pet Dental Health

Let’s be honest.  You don’t brush your dog’s teeth.  And the cat? Right……..

When I was working in the clinic setting, one of my favorite tasks was dental prophy. 452 more words


Healthy Hair Tips

Cotton pillow cases are bad for your hair. No matter what thread count the cotton pillow case is, it snags strands of your hair and causes breakage. 290 more words


Been There, Done That, 4-12-14

Ho hum.  What to do?  What to do?  What can I work on with the boys?  I don’t really have anything new and exciting to do.  409 more words

Clicker Training

Toothbrush Talk!

Brushing your teeth should be a big part of your beauty routine! No lipstick looks good without a big beautiful smile! You should replace your toothbrush every 3 months to keep your bristles in top shape. 31 more words

The toothbrush helps treat your teeth right

The toothbrush is neat. Whether you avoid or embrace this simple de- vice, it’s amazing that a life without yellow, rotten teeth is yours for the tak- ing. 519 more words

Zoey does well

Well after the horrible walk we had yesterday I was nervous about how Zoey would react to other dogs…but she did great!

We played the ‘Look At That’ game, where she was rewarded every time she saw another dog (I forgot to cook the liver though >___< ). 334 more words