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To be honest

Wrote this some time ago, but didn’t want to publish it for certain reasons, but upon reading it again I feel like sharing:

Life has been….less than easy lately. ¬† 1,031 more words

Diary of a SuperChump - My 40-day journey back to God

It is too late for me.’ ‘I have made a mess of things.’ ‘I just want to scrawl into a hole and die.’ ‘Nobody will ever love me.’ These words are likely familiar to those who are battling through the reality of seemingly unforgivable mistakes and unforgettable decisions made in the abyss of immorality. 126 more words


This Is What I Get For Going To See 'Transformers: Age Of Extinction'

Here’s a personal truth – I like big, stupid, ridiculous, blockbuster action flicks. If your movie has intensive CGI, theater-shaking explosions, martial arts, motorcycle chases, evil women who kill, spaceships, robots, natural disasters, spandexed people with mutant abilities, rocket launchers fired backwards for laughs, or anything that requires sheepish actors to act against a green screen and opposite an “X” made out of tape, there’s a distinct possibility I’m in your theater. 2,919 more words

Brutal Honesty

You are worth it.

This was one of the epic moments that happened, word for word.¬†Nothing like a good friend’s brutal honesty to put into place, your exact worth on this planet. 11 more words