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BRUTAL: The Home Invasion Begins!

On Monday, I finally began my latest writing project: a home invasion style movie. It’s been in the works for a few weeks now, when I made a half-serious comment on Facebook about wanting to make such a movie. 276 more words

Yellows and orange.

We’ll either meet our end soon or all go together.

It’ll be a brutal ending.

So much pain,

So much hate,

So much destriction.

It’ll be everyone for themselves. 103 more words


Is the world nearing the doomsday?

Close to a colossal disaster and devastation the whole world appears to be heading to virtually a doomsday. The question is if there is some force on earth to cry a halt to this gigantic menace. 268 more words


The Police Are Going Rogue

With greater and greater frequency I am reading about horrific stories of police misconduct. The worst of it is that these officers act as if they are above the law.   598 more words


No Tears for the Dead (2014/South Korea)

Zerosumo.net – Anda kangen dengan film action explosif ala The Man from Nowhere yang rilis tahun 2010 silam? Bergembiralah, sang sutradara Jeong-beom Lee kembali lagi dengan film action explosif terbarunya di tahun ini yang berjudul… 452 more words

Movie Review

Glasgow: Teenage girls suffer brutal homophobic attack

The attack took place in St Enoch Square Share on WhatsApp 1 reader comment

Two teenage girls suffered a brutal homophobic attack in Glasgow this weekend. 222 more words


Natural End

Little ducklings swim behind,
In a single file line,
Little mother mallard duck,
But they’re running out of luck.
There were six and then just five. 116 more words