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The Rover (2014)

Slow paced, brutal, dark and intriguing. Guy Pearce is having a drink in a bar when his car is stolen, we follow his
stubborn character across a desolate, post-collapse outback as he chases down his car. 92 more words


Video games can(not) cause violence

With the recent controversy over Hatred, a game about a nameless trenchcoat man going on a murderous rampage after being frustrated with the world, which got momentarily banned from Steam, sparked immense controversy over its violent trailer and caused lots of hysteria, I really wanted to think this one through. 832 more words

PREY the video game

While Prey is a first person shooter made by the very famous 3D Realms who is responsible for classics such as Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow warrior, Prey is still very unknown and underrated. 330 more words


Katsuhiro Otomo, "Akira"

From the the Epic comics colorized run, Vol. 1, No. 18.


12-19-2014 BRUTAL...Audition?

Well, I was supposed to meet with another actress for BRUTAL at Panera Bread on Wolf Road. She had rescheduled with me twice before that. Our meeting was set for 4:00PM. 376 more words

Our children, we lost

Tiny hands, innocent minds;
Carved out of love and hope.

How confused they would have been
When they witnessed the brutal scope;

Of those sub-humans, snatching away all that was priceless. 26 more words


Black Day for Pakistan

I might be a little late, ma

Don’t be angry

I might never come come back, ma

Don’t you cry

They went to school and never came back. 222 more words

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