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More BRUTAL Updates: First Draft...Done!

Well, I started writing the screenplay BRUTAL on July 21, 2014. Here we are, a day before my birthday…and I am already done! So far it is only handwritten, but that is because I write at work and I can’t bring my laptop there. 162 more words

BRUTAL: One Week Update

Last Monday I started writing my home invasion movie BRUTAL. As some of you may know, I write everything out by hand first because I can’t bring my laptop to work, but I CAN bring a notebook to scribble in furiously. 202 more words

Death of Humanity

Have we all become blind or our hearts are dead already? We see the brutal act of killings around us and what we do? Just remain silent because it is not us who are suffering, it is not our mothers, sisters, daughters, sons, husbands, fathers who are being killed brutally everyday. 347 more words


Chosicanos siguen manejando como BURROS

¡Nos seguimos desangrando en las calles!
#Chosicano, por intentar ganar pasajeros, choca contra un camión, en la Carretera Central. ¿Tendrá que MORIR algún familiar de alguna autoridad para recién hacer algo para solucionar este problema?

Bestias Al Volante

BRUTAL: The Home Invasion Begins!

On Monday, I finally began my latest writing project: a home invasion style movie. It’s been in the works for a few weeks now, when I made a half-serious comment on Facebook about wanting to make such a movie. 276 more words

Yellows and orange.

We’ll either meet our end soon or all go together.

It’ll be a brutal ending.

So much pain,

So much hate,

So much destriction.

It’ll be everyone for themselves. 103 more words


Is the world nearing the doomsday?

Close to a colossal disaster and devastation the whole world appears to be heading to virtually a doomsday. The question is if there is some force on earth to cry a halt to this gigantic menace. 268 more words