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Chapter 3 - Westerners Want Control in Asia

The third and final Chapter of this short brain to paper rant of my opinions on how Western culture appears to take over Asian culture will be about the influx of travellers, foreigners and expats into the Asian world, based on my travels in Asia and parts of Australia. 754 more words

The Daily Dose

My faith in Humanity is strong. For we will rise and take back this beautiful world.

My faith in Civilization is gone. For governments and officers of peace have brutally abandoned on what it means to be HUMAN



At the start of the year, a friend of mine journeyed to South Africa to treat big cats at what she believed to be a wildlife sanctuary – specifically, a placed called Seaview Predator Park. 1,387 more words


Hey all,

A friend drew to my attention the need to perhaps give a bit of background as to who I am. Given the nature of the show, I wish for the… 422 more words

Brutal Biolgy #1 - Dr. Jennifer Clarke

Welcome to the first episode of ‘Brutal Biology’! With guest Dr. Jennifer Clarke – lecturer at Macquarie University and big-time ethologist, specialising in animal communication. 102 more words

Reality Check: Friendship

I’m pretty sure at some point, you’ve experienced a friend or two has stabbed you, or maybe, you and your then friends just grew apart and went on separate ways. 343 more words


Brutal yang Semau Gue

Dengan dalih kesamaan visi dan kecocokan chemistry, Bagus dan Bimo kembali bersatu di bawah panji Brutal. Uniknya, mantan personel Netral lainnya, Miten (gitar), mereka rekrut untuk mengisi part gitar di beberapa lagu yang termuat di album debut “Smau Gue” (RMV Records) hingga menghasilkan jenis musik Netral era awal. 964 more words