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Funny Games (1997): Beranikah Anda Menontonnya? 2 (Review)

Ini merupakan bagian kedua dari ulasan saya tentang Funny Games (1997). Bagian pertama tulisan saya adalah sinopsisnya, di mana Anda dapat berhenti membaca di bagian mana pun, karena saya membocorkan jalan ceritanya sampai akhir. 1,371 more words


Post Script: Eeny Meeny - M J Arlidge

A pulse racing read!

Eeny Meeny

At first, nobody believed her…

M.J. Arlidge

Penguin Books Australia


ISBN: 9781405914888




The girl emerged from the woods.  200 more words

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Is Honesty Really the Best Policy?

Honesty is such a tricky thing. I mean you don’t wanna lie to people but telling them that dress does make you look fat isn’t exactly what they want to hear. 410 more words

Blood Meridian

Summary is here.

Can’t believe I actually finished it, given I’ve rejected and tossed aside books for far less violence and cruelty than was depicted in single sentences in this book.   165 more words

Movie Review: American History X (1998)

Listen here now, I am not one to say white people are the superior beings of this world. But I am also not saying black, latino, asian or any other skin color are that either. 876 more words

Just shine on.

«Felicidad en estado puro, bruto, natural, volcánico, ¡Grandioso! Era lo mejor del mundo… Mejor que la droga, mejor que la heroína, mejor que la coca, crack, porros, hierba, marihuana, éxtasis, canutos, anfetas, tripis, ácidos, LSD. 184 more words

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Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

“We must defend ourselves according to our opponents’ ability, not their intentions.” 

Konichiwa Dreamers! Toni here.

I just recently finished one of the most deadly book I’ve ever read (and when I mean deadly, I’m saying it literally) 300 more words

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