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Why you need to change your password!

Last month I attended a workshop about cyber safety. The presenter, Dave L. Rutz, is actually a Computer Forensic Analyst. As he enlightened us about how computer passwords are crack it really started to make me think. 521 more words


Back Doors Always Become Open Doors

We know back doors get built into systems because sooner or later they’re abused in ways that often grab our attention.

Keep in mind that any “password recovery” system accomplishes something that would not be possible within a system that really protects confidentiality. 460 more words

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Apple aware of iCloud brute-force vulnerability six months before 'Celebgate'

The software developer¬†credited by Apple for discovering¬†last year’s developer center flaw says that he informed Apple of an iCloud weakness that may have been used to obtain… 232 more words

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Nearly 5 million Google email accounts & passwords exposed, how?

These accounts were hacked because users tended to reuse their logins and passwords on other sites that had no automated anti-hijacking systems (or security features), e.g. 274 more words

Hackers Target Video Game Makers

Here’s a great article about how some Hackers are targeting video game makers to give the game away for free and to outscore their opponents. Good read. 6 more words