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Film Review: Brute Force (1947)

The 1947 prison drama Brute Force has a title that possesses a wide-range of applications. It forms the crux of the film’s thematic focus of the prison edifice, which despotic head guard Captain Munsey (Hume Cronyn) views as an arena where might definitely makes right. 765 more words

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The Travelling Salesman Problem (Exhaustive Approach)

For those of you who don’t know what this problem is about, here is the problem statement:
You are given a list of cities and the distances between all connected cities. 351 more words

Noirvember Day Five: The Women of Brute Force (1947)

Brute Force was a rare noir set almost entirely inside the walls of a maximum security prison, focusing on a sadistic guard (Hume Cronyn) and a group of cellmates who try to escape his tyranny by carrying out an intricately planned prison break. 843 more words

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Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Burt Lancaster, actor (1913-1994)
See Burt Lancaster on November 6th in Brute Force (1947) at 8:15AM (ET).

Alice Brady, actress (1892-1939)
Luchino Visconti, director & screenwriter (1906-1976)
Ann Rutherford, actress (1920-2012)

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

ApplyLogic at FOCUS14 Security Conference

We are excited that one of own has been invited to speak at McAfee FOCUS14 next Wednesday, 10/29.   Lester Nichols, ApplyLogic Director of Cyber Security Practices will be speaking on web security.

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Do we really need strong passwords?

The idea that computer users should use long, complex passwords is one of computer security’s sacred cows and something we write about a great deal at Naked Security. 2,018 more words


Lecture 3 | Problem Solving

Lecture 3 | Problem Solving

Decrementing Function.

Consider the following Cube Root code, which we have already seen.

x = int(raw_input('Enter an integer: '))
ans = 0
while ans*ans*ans < abs(x):
ans = ans + 1
#print 'current guess =', ans
if ans*ans*ans != abs(x):
print x, 'is not a perfect cube'
if x < 0:
ans = -ans
print 'Cube root of ' + str(x) + ' is ' + str(ans)
… 1,520 more words