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Fashion Bloggers: What You Don't Know

If you thought blogging was at a stand-still or coming to an end, you may want to think again. Reports have surfaced that blogger incomes are moving towards the millions. 24 more words


The Post That Made Me Hate Being South African ... For A Min

Today I got a link from an American friend of mine that made me wanna get on a plane and move to The States. It has always been evident that the entertainment industry is big business over there and it’s taken more seriously, but finding out that Top Bloggers in the US earn close to R500 000 for a single appearance at big brands events and R30 000 for a sponsored Instagram post, just nearly killed me. 471 more words

Brunch With International Fashion Blogger, Bryan Boy

If you are not a fashion fanatic you probably wouldn’t know who Bryan Boy is, I didn’t. This week Marie Claire and Sunglass Hut invited fashion bloggers to a brunch with this international fashion blogger extraordinaire. 286 more words

Phil Mphela

Top Bloggers Are Now Making $1 Million a Year

It’s no secret that certain fashion bloggers are making big bucks by commanding top dollar for everything from appearances to collaborating with designers. Just how… 432 more words