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Breaking Bad

Una madrugada de la semana pasada, con el reloj cercano a las 2 de la mañana, terminé de ver el último episodio de la serie de televisión Breaking Bad. 1,329 more words

Gojira, Lord Of Storms

Among several other activities last weekend, I managed to see last year’s second attempt by Hollywood to make a real kaijū eiga, Godzilla. 501 more words


Malcolm in the Middle Review

Hey readers, Reviewer of Steel here with a new TV series review, and today we will be looking at the sitcom that last 6 years, and 7 seasons, and the star vehicle for who is now one of the biggest actors of our time, Bryan Cranston, this is Malcolm in the Middle. 1,055 more words

TV Series: Breaking Bad

I am not liking the way Mr. Walter White is becoming bad and worse after each episode. He started to cook drugs just to leave enough money for his family, now he has more than that but he has become greedier and started killing others just to survive. 289 more words

Aaron Paul

Tv-series "Better Call Saul"

Before I had finished tv-series “Breaking Bad” or even know about Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) I thought to myself:

“How on earth can they make a spin-off of “Breaking Bad”?

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TV Series

The "Bad"ness is Back: Compilation of my Much "Liked' Blog Posts is Now in Digital Book Form

Fans of “Breaking Bad” and fans of enlightenment unite! My ‘bad’ blog compilation, “The ‘Bad’ Path to Enlightenment — Learn from W.W. How NOT to Experience Nirvana” is available as a digital download at… 559 more words

Total Recall 2012 (movie review)

Thirty percent of critics gave Total Recall (the 2012 remake) a positive review. That sounds about right. 326 more words

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