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Boys and Girls - Bryan Ferry (#215)

Boys and Girls – Bryan Ferry

Boys and Girls comprises of the majority of the songs on the New Town video. The New Town video was a pivotal item of media in my youth. 151 more words

Roxy Music

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In those carefree childhood days before everything got crazy, I always use to tape the top 40. I also wrote down every week in my little book the top 10 singles, and all I knew about was pop music. 236 more words

Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry
by David Chiu

The former frontman for Roxy Music’s latest release Avonmore is a bit of a stylistic departure for him in that it indicates some sonic – precisely electronic programming – textures than on previous solo albums. 216 more words

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Song to the Siren

So I’m sitting in my little gray cube at work tapping away at the plastic keys, focused on electrical design type stuff.  I’m securely insulated at a safe distance from any natural-light-admitting windows with nothing to hold my attention but the blinky little symbols on the screen.  535 more words

The New Bryan Ferry sounds like the Old Bryan Ferry. This is a good thing.

Bryan Ferry has been on a bit of a retro tear as of late. His last album, 2008’s Olympia, opened with a sound that was more than a little reminiscent of those last vibrating bars that close out True to Life, the final track on Roxy Music’s… 331 more words


AC/DC, Bryan Ferry, Hieronymus Bosch, and the Washington Monument

One thing I’ve really wanted to communicate to people through this blog, is that if you think of music being visual, it can really open up your appreciation to it.   684 more words