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Smackdown Analysis 1/29/15

  • Triple H comes out to the Ring to openly mock the storm they just had, and to further note that the WWE, “Doesn’t like to be told what to do.” He then, with a grin, touts the 1 million subscriber milestone they just reached.  
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Kreuz Market Comes to Bryan/College Station

When I was inaugurated into the BBQ fraternity at my law firm (Daniel Stark, P.C. in Bryan, Texas) the litigation team took me to Lockhart, Texas. 211 more words


Tinfoil Angels -part 6

     This was the third time Bryan and Sandy had seen one another in two days and what was supposed to be the shortest date in history had gone from fun to terrible in ten seconds flat. 1,773 more words


Tinfoil Carryout- part 5


     Bryan was getting nervous. He was due at work in just under twenty minutes and Sandy still hadn’t shown up yet. The euphoria he’d felt upon making their last minute, hit and run dinner date was being eroded  by anxiety, both the anxiety of a “first date” and also his need to be to work in no more than nineteen minutes. 1,324 more words


Shiny Tinfoil- part 4

     His cell phone’s gentle alarm was beeping and Bryan knew that he had to get up. He knew it, but he wasn’t happy about it, especially today. 1,683 more words


Flattened Tinfoil- part 3

     A voice was filtering through Bryan’s unconsciousness and on what was certainly not the speaker’s first attempt he heard the concerned voice ask, “Hey, man, you alright?” 1,514 more words


Day 24 - The Royal Rumble

Over the last few years I think I’ve started to chill out on my wrestling enthusiasm. I still try and watch Raw as often as I can, but if I miss it, I’m cool with just reading what happens. 484 more words

Life Update