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More Lessons from BSF Study-The Moses' Meter of Life

I was encouraged today to learn that Moses’ life could be divided into 3 different stages. Most likely it encouraged me because I find myself connecting with him in Stage 2, and I like knowing that I’m not alone in my mess! 771 more words

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Life of Moses ~ Lesson 3

The most important thing in life is to know and serve God.

So Moses has been in Midian about 40 years where he has been tending sheep for his father-in-law, Jethro.

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Baby Moses and Lessons from BSF Bible Study, Week 1

Well, it’s good to be back into Bible study and the structure of BSF again this fall. Sure enough, week 1 of the Life of Moses study was jam-packed with jewels~things I hope to long remember. 455 more words

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ChestnutLocks & The Three Beaus

Once upon a time, there was a girl named ChestnutLocks. She lived in an apartment in the city.

One day, ChestnutLocks had her heart broken… 278 more words

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Life of Moses - Lesson 2

God always works for the good of His people and for His glory.

We don’t know how old Moses was when Jochebed took him to Pharaoh’s daughter.

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High Five for Friday

I can’t believe it’s Friday. I mean, what?! This week FLEW by and I am feeling a little behind on everything, haha! While I might not have been ready for today, I sure am excited it’s the weekend!! 199 more words


Life of Moses - Lesson 1

Have you ever wondered if there was really any order to the chaos that seems to be all around us? Is God really in control? Does He really have a perfect plan? 1,076 more words

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