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1/48 Bad-Azz Advanced Cylon Raider pt2

Well the first round of True Metal wax is going really well! I started with aluminum and it really shines. Dark aluminum really isn’t that different in tone…and then gun metal is only slightly darker. 93 more words

News And Updates

Glen Larson is gone.

The  person responsible for most of my favorite television growing up has died.

Rest in Peace Mr Larson.

Life Posts

Chuck E. Cheese Experience as a WLS Patient

So it is my nephew’s eighth birthday today and he decided on going to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. So my sister and I got a salad bar (shhh I know you aren’t supposed to share, but since I can’t eat much it seemed like a waste to buy my own) and I ate a few crackers with hard boiled egg and cheese on them and a bite of jello. 115 more words

Media Musings

I had challenged myself to write every day. String together some words, something more substantive than a tweet or a status update, and practice the craft of writing. 1,037 more words

So Stitch We All

This is such a cool idea, I desperately want to take credit for it.  A friend requested her wifi network and password cross stitched.  Since there was an obvious theme, I threw in a little extra jazz. 8 more words