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Glen Larson is gone.

The  person responsible for most of my favorite television growing up has died.

Rest in Peace Mr Larson.

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Chuck E. Cheese Experience as a WLS Patient

So it is my nephew’s eighth birthday today and he decided on going to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. So my sister and I got a salad bar (shhh I know you aren’t supposed to share, but since I can’t eat much it seemed like a waste to buy my own) and I ate a few crackers with hard boiled egg and cheese on them and a bite of jello. 115 more words

Media Musings

I had challenged myself to write every day. String together some words, something more substantive than a tweet or a status update, and practice the craft of writing. 1,037 more words

So Stitch We All

This is such a cool idea, I desperately want to take credit for it.  A friend requested her wifi network and password cross stitched.  Since there was an obvious theme, I threw in a little extra jazz. 8 more words

Cozday Clothing: Geek Fashion with a Designer Twist

Leetal Platt, one of the designers in this year’s SDCC fashion show, responsible for this gorgeous Dalek wedding gown, has also launched a new company, … 145 more words

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