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Beautiful Bike: The Wood B

We agree with Remodelista: this might just be the world’s most beautiful bicycle.

Designed and built by French brand BSG, the Wood B is the first wooden bike manufactured entirely in France—and it’s simple, clean design is definitely lust-worthy.

Source: Remodelista


Friday 6th September*

  • In bed – 10.06pm
  • Lights off – 11.29pm
  • Woke up – 8.24am

A day out today, beach, town, cinema. Did good awareness at times, (not brilliant like a few days ago, but good). 256 more words


...In which I swoon and (try-not-to) fangirl

This weekend I had the immense pleasure to meet (re: see from afar) the Cap’, the Admiral, Drax, and the Doctor and one of his companions. 772 more words


confession: I can be a misanthrope

First time blogging in over a month! Say what? I didn’t just take a break from the blog, I took a break from writing, Facebooking, . 563 more words


Saturday 17th August

  • In bed – 9.03pm
  • Lights off – 11.32pm
  • Woke up – 8.10am

Driving back home today, so dream prep was very much similar to yesterday, maybe a little better. 342 more words


I went to  Brunswick St Gallery for the second opening(a bit like “second breakfast ” I guess …if you get the reference ). I didn’t feel like the crowds that I knew I would get last Saturday night so I skipped that but the second event was a great idea and an opportunity to catch up with a good friend.   183 more words


Thursday 8th August

  • In bed – 10.21pm
  • Lights off – 12.27am
  • Woke up – 8.57am

I wrote, sang and played today; the usual. My awareness was fairly good and I had an in-day meditation session. 311 more words