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Ho to share code between internal and external module

I have an internal module used in browser environment, which I would like to use in node.js. Is there a way to make it use as an external module. 70 more words


Litemare Highlight Coverage of the Monster Energy Triple Crown at BSR

from Ryan Jones

We had a great time hanging out at BSR cable park for the last stop of the Monster Energy Triple Crown, we shot some clips during the contest (mostly mens pro features final) to make this little highlight reel of our favorite shots. 18 more words


mount a host volume to a container created through Dockerfile

New to docker, and as per the documentation about Dockerfile, due to portability, it is not allowed to specify a host volume mapping. That is fine, but is there a way to map a host volume (I am in MAC, so say, my home dir… 50 more words


Angularjs 1.3 asynchronous validation trigger on `enter`

Angularjs 1.3 has an option to asynchronously validate a field through $asyncValidators . There is also an option to set debounce and updateOn (through ngModelOptions… 65 more words


Typescript new compiler status

I experience huge improvements in compile time while using new compiler at github. But, I couldn’t see the status of readiness of using it. Is it ok to use it during development and may use the stable/released one for production. 29 more words