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Bangtan boys on Weekly Idol

 Weekly Idol is the famous variety program. It’s very funny to watch no matter you like that band or not. On 23th May Bangtan boys… 40 more words


Bangtan boys' V Mushroom Hair

Big hit, Bangtan boys‘ agency, just release their <Just One Day> dance practice.

In this video, members wear their own fashion style, no make up and natural hairstyle. 42 more words


Bangtan boys' Jungkook with 300 Days Poem

Still with 300 days with Bangtan Boys celebration. I found this poem in twitter. It’s a 300 days poem. In Korean, they use each word in the sentences to make a new sentence. 55 more words


300 days with Bangtan boys

Bangtan boys has debuted for 300 days!! I don’t know why Korean has so much day to celebrate…

100 days,  200 days, 300 days, 1 years, …..whatever… 52 more words


Bangtan boys Family

Hiphop Family… SWAG yeah

When Bangtan Boys have a role as family members… I use a lot of imagination to match their real age.

Their father is of course Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon), even he isn’t an oldest member but he surely have a role of leader. 145 more words


Hey Y'all!

It’s been so long since I post something DECENT here in wordpress.

But let’s make sure we have the same idea now.

I own 2 blogs. 172 more words

BTS (BangTang Boys) _ N.O

This song is just amazing! I Read the translation and it’s about standing up fr yourself, not being trapped in someone else’s dream. It’s about the students who are pussed so hard to do well in school, that are pressred and even though they try their best they don’t always succed, yet they’re living the dream of their parents, doing well in school ; so this song is like a ‘fighting’ to those students…. 69 more words