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Crossroads in Time - A.D. 1966


The brass accompaniment to Nancy Sinatra’s wavering, “These boots are made for walking…” blasts from Peggy’s pink plastic radio. The horns are faintly audible in the den where the news on television features black and white footage of a race riot, combat in Vietnam, an unmanned exploratory U.S. 256 more words

History In CynemaScope

Dried Up, Tied Up and Dead To The World...

“Why the hell is she wearing a wedding dress?” I asked as Angel and Cara started around the side of the house. “Guess someone’s getting married.” Angel said. 599 more words

Fictional Non-fiction

Fantasy League Curbside Observations

An ape is likely to be an angel paraphrasing Jack
His filthy hands raking over genitals break the dry
Finger off a fallen dogwood branch What we call them
Is an affront  for classification   what’s necessary of it
Is solipsism   lips ill suited for the plosive   but how they can swing
Angels at neanderthal angles   the stick dips into a
Beehive and Bob suddenly is in a world of trouble
Comprehending    no automatic   a four-limbed all out 
Sprint down the evolutionary ladder    limber resilient    breath overdrawn
He clears the gorgeous overgrown meadow and plunges
Ass first into an icy pool    Another lesson learned.

What gum blows the biggest bubble? Science Fair Project!

I picked it because I like candy and because it is fun. The best in my opinion was bubble yum. My favorite part was seeing really bib bubbles. 273 more words


YoYos, Burgers and a Bubble Blowing Contest= My Sunday

I have to warn you, I got a little collage happy in this post. It had to be done or else there would be WAY too many pictures. 372 more words

Fun Times

"No Teabagging" at MassHack 2014!

Think this was an awesome gallery of some crazy stuff going on in a basement?  Check out DethWench’s Pinterest Board on Octopus Furnaces!