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Duct tape or Bubble wrap?

The other day as we were packing up my home, my friend, Naphthaly, was on the phone telling another friend:

“Well, he’s right. Never say you’re sorry if you’re not wrong.

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Bubble Warp

No, that’s not a typo. You keep a person in a bubble, you’re going to warp them, physically and emotionally. Bubble wrap, the other spelling, is also an apt metaphor for over-protection. 1,228 more words


Meaning and Message of Material; Final Installation

This is a photo of my final installation for a painting class I took last semester called ‘Meaning and Message of Material’.

Thorough the class, I experimented with found material. 162 more words


Jiffy bags: characteristics, application, and market

When was the last time you used an envelope to send something to someone. Well, if you are in a shipment business, it might be your everyday job. 286 more words


Bubble Wrap Typography

WIP of the bubble wrap typography for the open day poster.

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Part 2: The Saddest Stuff from Craigslist

And today we explore some more questionable items as well as photographic technique, starting with an artistic masterpiece . . .

1. I guess SOMEBODY took a trip to Italy and became a sophisticated art connoisseur. 458 more words

Bubble Wrap

I’ll never forget Daniel running off the football field a few years ago.  Squirting water into his mouth, I asked our champion, “Do you love it?”  “Yes, ma’am!” he nodded. 393 more words