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The bubble

We go around our day-to-day lives living in a bubble. Within that bubble we find our close friends and family members. The people with which we share our lives, our stories, our experiences. 238 more words


4/23/14 – Should We Worry About the Housing Slowdown?

The headline for this morning is that new home sales are down more than 14 percent on a month-to-month basis. This comes in tandem with drops in mortgage applications and a much smaller drop, of less than 1 percent, in existing home sales. 539 more words

Market Updates

Dwelling: Live Out Your Retro-Future Dreams in a Prefab Bubble House

Wednesday, April 23, 2014, by Spencer Peterson

Photo via Gizmodo
Dreamed up by architect and urban design theorist Jean Maneval and presented in theoretical model to France’;s Salon Des Arts Ménagers in 1956, the Maison Bulle à Six Coques (which literally translates to &…

'How badly would you be hurt in a housing market price correction?' [The Globe and Mail]

“A question for everyone who thinks houses are an investment: How much would a market decline hurt you? …
Houses are a financial asset that can rise and fall in price, just like stocks, bonds and gold.
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Wrong on MCIG...right on BTCS?

Regretfully, my prediction on MCIG was incorrect. I had been traveling so I let it ride and it fell from $0.83 to $0.63 before I sold it. 223 more words

Our bubble

She looked into his eyes
And saw the thing she wanted most,
Something she knew she couldn’t have,
Something he couldn’t afford to give her. 148 more words


In case you haven’t heard, there’s talk of an “Internet bubble 2.0″.

I’ve consciously avoided discussing this topic because I have no interest in analyzing other people’s predictions or coming up with any of my own. 361 more words