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Day Two: ugh

Okay. Sleeping schedule still fucked.


I handed in my advertising paper and I FINALLY tracked down the book I need for literature. I couldn’t find it anywhere short of ordering online and I don’t have time for that. 72 more words

Throwback Thursday: 5 Bubblegum Pop Songs that I love

I don’t feel guilty about loving cheesy pop music, in fact I’m proud of it. On a rainy, damp fall day there’s nothing like cranking my volume up and singing as loud as I can… 160 more words


What Do You Mean, You've Never Heard Of Reparata & The Delrons?

Dix plunders his vinyl collection and uncovers some long lost classics.

Reparata & The Delrons were a girl group that spent a long career plumbing the lower echelons of the American pop charts – a fact that even a cursory listen to any survey of their many singles renders somewhat unbelievable. 750 more words

Holler - Girls' Generation TTS

In light of all the controversy going on with Jessica, and all the other shit that’s going down in SM, at least something good happened, in the name of Holler. 297 more words