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Sunday Wine Reviews: Thibaut-Janisson Blanc de Chardonnay Sparkling Wine

Hi y’all, since Emma is out of the country this week, I’m reviewing a wine that we both tasted recently.

The Thibaut Janisson Blanc de Chardonnay is a little sparkler out of Virginia that’s making big waves. 450 more words


Loire Valley: Saumur: One Is In You

So if you have ever spent any time in France you’ll know that everything is closed Sunday and by that I mean everything! Luckily we had planned in advance and had found the two wineries that were still open, but that isn’t to say that they had any plans to open before noon. 778 more words


Opening Bubbly

Our neighbors gave us a bottle of sparkling wine recently as a thank-you for the numerous times that Ever Patient Spouse helped them load and unload their kayak from the roof of their car. 167 more words

Cool Stuff


After I saw this bubble maker, my inner child came forth and it could not just stay put. I am glad Rich Allela came up with the idea of buying it – I didn’t know I would love it this much <3 !  264 more words

Review: Honeyblood - Honeyblood

Honey is ageless, literally; it is one of the few foods that never spoils. (That’s a fun fact for the day.) Stina Tweeddale and Shona McVicar, or “Honeyblood,” capture this idea of purity. 871 more words


Review: The Horn The Hunt - Terrafidella

Very few bands can match the carnal intensity displayed by Clare Carter and Joseph Osborne, the masterminds behind The Horn The Hunt. This Leeds, UK group seems determined to push boundaries, creating a unique sound with a combination of sensual pop and atmospheric folk. 802 more words


Wine Wednesday

I learned something important this week. It involves sparkling wine and no hangovers. Now you’re into it, right? I’m assuming I’m not the only person to have experienced a harder time recovering the day after sipping bubbly. 286 more words