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Day Trip Report: The Texas State Capitol...

On Thursday, I played hooky from work to celebrate Eva’s birthday.  What do you get the gal who has everything?  A trip to see the Texas state capitol in Austin, that’s what! 819 more words


The Temptations

Blame it on the cortisol… your body does not like change. Fat makes you want to eat more. Fat people are hungrier than skinny people. Stressed people tend to stay in a state of stress. 901 more words

Smoked Chicken Fajita Sausage Quesadillas

If you’ve driven between major cities in Texas, it’s likely you’ve passed a Buc-ee’s rest stop (or at least one of their billboards). On the way back from Houston last weekend, I picked up some sausage and cheese from the Buc-ee’s in Bastrop with the inspiration to make quesadillas. 116 more words

Main Dishes

In defense of Buc-ee's

Let us get something out of the way, first and foremost. I love Dr Pepper ICEEs. No, that is not a hyperbolic statement in the least, I love those drinks with every bone in my body. 544 more words

The Castro Brothers are the Antithesis of "Public Servants"; Updated #BoycottBucees in full hate mode

Dan Patrick’s Facebook

A couple of days ago, Lt Gov. candidate Dan Patrick announced the support of iconic Texas business (and job creator) BUC-EE’S on his Facebook page. 259 more words

State Politics