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#32. At Maya's Feet

Day 16. NaPoWriMo- Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long!

Poem: At Maya’s Feet

Of gifted, hidden role models and of curious young minds uncovered

Of passions re-kindled, of paths revisited and of dreams re-discovered… 323 more words


Jerome reviews Buchi Emecheta's Second-Class Citizen

(I’m grateful to Jerome for writing this review since I am being quite lazy about writing.  Jerome Kuseh is a “Ghanaian who mostly blogs about politics and business. 1,167 more words



One sparking question asked if Adah was a good mother even when she tried to abort her baby. My answer was yes. It wasn’t that she didn’t love kids or want another, it was merely she couldn’t handle another one. 164 more words

Who or What is Presence?

Even after discussing it in class I am still questioning who or what Adah’s Presence is! The first idea was that it could be her alter ego, because her Presence is what makes her stand up and fight for what she wants. 244 more words

Social Literacy (7.2)

While Adah is a very impressive character, there are several things she still must learn. One thing, I believe, that severely stunts her ability to live a peaceful life in London, aside from all the societal factors working against her, is her inherent distrust of others. 257 more words

Only Allowed the Role of Mother

During class on Thursday, we discussed that one of the literacies Adah has is that of motherhood and raising children. She is a good mother, constantly looking out for her children and fighting for their futures throughout the novel. 286 more words