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So last night I saw that Netflix had the documentary ‘Mr. Angel’, about porn star and trans* advocate Buck Angel. Seemed appropriate at the time. After all, here I was wondering whether not having issues with my vajayjay was an issue and here was a trans man who not only didn’t have issues with his nether regions, he was a porn star who was just as often on the receiving end of sex as he was on the giving end. 85 more words

We are ALL Buck Angel.

There is a new man in my life. I’ve been eyeing him for some time, but we’ve just now gotten personal. Twice in one week if you must know. 457 more words


Mr. Angel 2013 Documentary Review

Mr. Angel is about Buck Angel a female to male transsexual who works as a porn star and activist. To me that already sounds like an interesting documentary that I just have to see, but to top all that off Mr. 411 more words

Documentary Review

'Mr. Angel' Review

What Makes A Man, A Man?

What makes a man, a man?  I have always though that one of the most important differentiators between the sexes are based upon the genitalia: Men have a penis, and women have a vagina. 502 more words