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21 Day Challenge - 7 Days in, the Attitude of Justice is Effective

The Attitude of Justice is Effective

Why is being firm so difficult? I am still thinking about Buck Brannaman and that I described some things he did as seeming harsh to me, so there’s that. 613 more words

Slacking off!!! Catching up!

OK So I cannot believe I have not written since before Halloween!  I think the cold weather coupled with crazy personal life changes and work changes have really hindered my writing! 285 more words

21 Day Challenge - Session 6 and Consistency


First I want to further talk about Buck Brannaman, and in this post I mentioned he doesn’t let anything go. I have been thinking that some of the things he did seemed harsh to me, but in fact he was always focused and CONSISTENT and fair. 320 more words

21 Day Challenge - 5 days in

Carol L came over today and I Augie and I played with the following tasks from my list:

maintain gait on a circle (walk)

Augie was fairly gimpy, and I didn’t want to ask him for a trot circle. 528 more words

No Hands MA~! Or no horn...I mean

10/21- Worked Chief… With and without Saddle.  Having trouble remembering workout.

10/24- Worked Chief with Flag, without saddle.


Chief was great for our lesson! Really lazy! 413 more words

Cold Weather and Wear and Tear

I was slacking a little this week for 3 or 4 reasons.  My allergies were insane so I felt crappy.  The weather was cold and rainy for much of the week, and we were getting ready to go away for the weekend.  472 more words

Auditing Buck 2014 (Part 2)

I found this picture of Martin Black and it struck me as the perfect example of a horse following a feel. I am sure Mr. Black timed his request to turn when the horse’s left front foot was leaving the ground, which is the only time a horse can change direction with a foot, which is the reach that I wrote about in Auditing Buck 2014 (Part 1). 523 more words