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Cold Weather and Wear and Tear

I was slacking a little this week for 3 or 4 reasons.  My allergies were insane so I felt crappy.  The weather was cold and rainy for much of the week, and we were getting ready to go away for the weekend.  472 more words

Auditing Buck 2014 (Part 2)

I found this picture of Martin Black and it struck me as the perfect example of a horse following a feel. I am sure Mr. Black timed his request to turn when the horse’s left front foot was leaving the ground, which is the only time a horse can change direction with a foot, which is the reach that I wrote about in Auditing Buck 2014 (Part 1). 523 more words

Our Backbone

I know that Chief and I are going to have bad days… Probably many of them.  But I know that I can handle them because we have a solid Place in groundwork to come back to if we need.   61 more words

My Heart Horse, and Thank God for Small Successes

  Someone was Itchy!!!  He still looks like a shiny penny even after he rolls around like a crazy horse.

I could not be happier this week.  776 more words

Auditing Buck 2014 (Part 1)

I have twice participated in a 4 day Buck Brannaman clinic, a colt start with Augie, and Foundation Horsemanship with Dancer (then known as Bullet). Buck returned to WV last weekend and I couldn’t wait to audit (and not throw myself WAY outside my comfort zone like I sometimes do!). 1,026 more words

Back in the Saddle Again and Lots 'O' Groundwork

“You need to get his saddle checked, you need to get a once over from the vet, you need to get a chiropractor out for him, Check his feet, send him to a cowboy, send him to a working ranch, get rid of him, put him down he is dangerous… “I have heard everything, EVERYTHING from kind people who have been trying to help me.  1,002 more words

Who'd Have Thunk Math Had Anything to Do with Roping?

A few years ago, TSB Managing Director Martha Cook and I each swung a rope for the first time during our week’s visit to the Padlock Ranch outside Sheridan, Wyoming. 259 more words