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Procuring Raw Leather in South Slope

I’ve been on the hunt for a nice, thick piece of soft leather for some time now…specifically since running into a grand sustain pedal with far too much… 226 more words


Names and colors

I am sorry I haven’t posted this last couple of days. I had a family emergency that quite literally kept me away from the internet, even on my phone. 326 more words

Snow time!

I had a great time with Pixel in the snow today. I wasn’t sure how the footing would be, but the temps were in the 40s so it was a blessing! 44 more words


Feeling thankful

Even in the bitter nasty cold that makes me gasp for air and my eyes water — I am feeling thankful for this handsome prince of a horse. Happy 1st Thanksgiving Pixel!


Winter 2014 & the 2015 Breeding & Show Season

Just a quick check-in ….

Shortly after Yeager’s first rated show, Suzie and Yeager attended a local schooling dressage show for more exposure and experience. This time, not only was he isolated to a ring by himself, but in an indoor ring by himself! 189 more words

Yeager Reports

The pony-jock takes the ride

Great day today! Pixel and I had a great ride and he’s getting his canter transitions really well. We’re working on half-halts in the trot and he’s moving off my leg nicely. 119 more words


4-month mark

Finally a Sunday Funday where I could have a friend video us! No jumping or anything special in these but we’ve been able to trot a few Xs now and he’s doing really well. 18 more words