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Winter 2014 & the 2015 Breeding & Show Season

Just a quick check-in ….

Shortly after Yeager’s first rated show, Suzie and Yeager attended a local schooling dressage show for more exposure and experience. This time, not only was he isolated to a ring by himself, but in an indoor ring by himself! 189 more words

Yeager Reports

The pony-jock takes the ride

Great day today! Pixel and I had a great ride and he’s getting his canter transitions really well. We’re working on half-halts in the trot and he’s moving off my leg nicely. 119 more words


4-month mark

Finally a Sunday Funday where I could have a friend video us! No jumping or anything special in these but we’ve been able to trot a few Xs now and he’s doing really well. 18 more words


The Search

I have made a habit over the years of finding Draft crosses and turning them into utilitarian mounts for the show ring. I’ve had better luck with them than the fancy pedigreed warmbloods that always seems to break or be head-cases after a few show seasons. 243 more words


Packer fan!

Pixel is officially the newest equine Green Bay Packer fan. How can I live in Wisconsin and not dress a gold horse in green?!



What a great sense of humor!