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She's a soul in every home...

The Vrindavan in the front yard distinguishes me from the rest of my type. I, by virtue of my lineage, stand radiant and erect for all those who bow their heads to me reverentially before stepping into the subservient little cottage. 224 more words



Fall is showing up in Oregon at our Saturday market.  All those great peppers, tomatoes, onions, carrots and lots of different kinds of lettuce.  I’ve always found fruits and vegetables very photogenic…almost sculptural.  35 more words

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I love North Georgia in autumn.

I say North Georgia because North Georgia is a very different creature from Atlanta or South Georgia or the rest of it. 378 more words


Out with the old

Every September, I do a huge clean up of the images I’ve taken through the year.  When I do that, I always find images I missed…ones I thought maybe I would come back to at some point and edit (and forgot to) or images I didn’t like at the time, but do now.   77 more words

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Barakamon and the Pastoral Idyll?

Fish-out-of-water comedies – the city man in the countryside, the country yokel in the big city and any number of other examples – all focus on someone who has been brought up strongly within one society ending up trying to fit into a very different one. 1,067 more words

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