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The Mystery Of Buddhism

I am an admirer of Master Nan Huai-Chin, whose books Working Toward Enlightenment and To Realize Enlightenment I have always found difficult but helpful. They are not easy-going, but Master Nan is so knowledgeable and his experience so vast and  wide-ranging that he is always insightful. 440 more words

Ukraine: The human mind.

They are cousins but they can’t live together in peace, some of them are brothers and they fight, some of them are Europeans highly educated, unlike fighters in Syria, and they still fight each other. 400 more words

Value Clarification

A False Peak of Agony: Part 1

Adam’s Peak, or Sri Pada, is located in the west hill country of Sri Lanka. Surrounded by tea plantations and rubber farms, it stands roughly 2200m. 1,338 more words


Suffering in Relationship

Is it possible to return time and again to the fundamental truth that our partners, children, parents want happiness and do not want suffering and thereby recalibrate our aversive reactivity? 144 more words


Retail therapy: chicken soup for the soul.

Retail therapy … The words say it all. It’s good for the soul. It uplifts the spirits and puts a smile on the dial. If I float past you with a look of intense concentration, it’s because I am in a transcendental state not unlike that experienced during meditation, and have reached the higher plateaus of pleasure. 364 more words

Ayutthaya Historical Park

This one comes from Natalya from Russia. :) The card pictures the head of Buddha in Wat Mahathat, part of the Ayutthaya historical park.

The Ayutthaya historical park covers the ruins of the old city of Ayutthaya, Thailand. 68 more words


Flower Festival in Musashi Kokubunji Temple

Even though most of the cherry blossoms have fallen in Tokyo, many flowers are now blooming and a lot of flower related events and festivals are being held everywhere in Japan. 109 more words

Japanese Culture