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Another Change For The Better

On the day that signalled more a important change than my leaving, this seemed poignant …

In today’s world where global issues are so important, many people feel a sense of powerlessness and resignation; a feeling that no individual’s efforts can change the way things are. 1,255 more words


Thus consider that you are always on duty...

…  required to firmly apply your full attention. If you slack off, you’re useless.

Remember such a stable and firm attitude is itself meditation practice. There is no other method of concentration to seek. 45 more words


All It Needs Is Practice

Nichiren Buddhists believe that, not only does everyone have the World of Buddhahood within them, but that it can be achieved within this lifetime.

Think about that, everyone you know has the potential to reach Buddhahood, your family, friends, work colleagues, everyone. 158 more words


It's All A Question Of Eggs

There is the temptation, whilst continuing to practice, to wonder whether we will ever become a Buddha or doubt whether Buddhahood even resides within us. With his usual wisdom, Nichiren showed us the truth of the matter in his simple words. 99 more words


Just Seek Within

There is an expansive life-state of profound, secure happiness, that transcends any material or social advantage.

It is called faith; it is called the life-state of Buddhahood. 59 more words


Three kayas.

The three kayas are subsumed within me, the all-creating one,
All phenomena, however they manifest,
have three uncontrived aspects- nature, essence and responsiveness.
I reveal these three kayas to be my suchness. 22 more words

Daily Dharma Quotes

I Have A Great Role Model

The purpose for, and the reason behind my Buddhist Practice is to bring me closer to Buddhahood, each and every day.

That is to say, to emulate, as closely as possible, the Buddha himself in the way he was able to see life and all things in a pure clarity. 200 more words