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Three kayas.

The three kayas are subsumed within me, the all-creating one,
All phenomena, however they manifest,
have three uncontrived aspects- nature, essence and responsiveness.
I reveal these three kayas to be my suchness. 22 more words

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I Have A Great Role Model

The purpose for, and the reason behind my Buddhist Practice is to bring me closer to Buddhahood, each and every day.

That is to say, to emulate, as closely as possible, the Buddha himself in the way he was able to see life and all things in a pure clarity. 200 more words


All beings are Buddhas.

All beings are Buddhas,
But this is concealed by adventitious stains.
When their stains are purified,
their buddhahood is revealed.

From the Hevajra Tantra

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Listening to the Dharma.

Tell yourself:

‘It is for their well-being that I am going to listen
to the profound Dharma and put it into practice.
I will lead all these beings, my parents, 43 more words

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Mind of Embracing All Things

At our last gathering we read a few pieces from a great Shin writer and priest, Haya Akesarasu.  Most of his writings are currently out of print or not translated but there are a few in existence.   598 more words

Shin Buddhism

Buddhahood without meditation.

Everyone knows about buddhahood through meditation,
but I know a path without meditation.

From the Words of My Perfect Teacher

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Book on Dogen:
Dogen, the Zen Master: A Search and a Fulfillment (in English)

Before I explain Dogen to you, let this be the introduction, because this is what he is trying to say: that everything passes and yet there is something that never passes; that everything is born and dies and yet there is something that is never born and never dies. 245 more words