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Connectivity Is Infinite

In the true reality of life as viewed from the enlightened state of a Buddha, one who has broken free of all delusion, all things are equal, transcending distinctions and differences between subject and object, self and others, mind and body, the spiritual and the material. 64 more words


Happiness Of The Heart

Happiness is a matter of the heart. This is not mere spiritualism. Our hearts are precious vessels endowed with the treasure of Buddhahood.

When we strive earnestly in faith and practice to reveal our Buddhahood, we can walk along the sure and steady path to happiness and attain a state of complete fulfilment and satisfaction. 14 more words


The Buddha

The Sanskrit word Buddha means “One who is awakened .” While the term was widely employed by various schools of the time, it eventually came to be used exclusively in reference to Shakyamuni. 57 more words


Buddhahood is not elsewhere.

Perfect buddhahood will not be found
anywhere in the ten directions or the four times.
Since mind itself is perfectly awakened,
do not seek buddhahood elsewhere! 32 more words

Daily Dharma Quotes

Book review – Bodhisattva Blues

To write a book about the most profound philosophy on the planet is difficult. To write a novel based on Nichiren Buddhism is even harder. But Eddy Canfor-Dumas achieved this in 2005 with… 640 more words


Rest In Peace Shri B. K. S. Iyengar.

You have been an influence in my life and you will continue to be, thank you guru. Namasté



If impermanence meant change all the time towards better and happier states how excellent our world would be! But impermanence is allied with deterioration. All compounds break down, all made things fall to pieces, all conditioned things pass away with the passing of those conditions.

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