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Shouting at the shadow - why you cannot change other people

One of the questions I get most often from readers is this: Should I chant to change other people? The short and simple answer is… 621 more words


What is Buddhahood?

Buddhahood is inconceivable, permanent, steadfast, at peace, and immutable.
It is utterly peaceful, pervasive, without thought, and unattached like space.
It is free from hindrance and coarse objects of contact are eliminated. 17 more words

Daily Dharma Quotes

Lessons From "The Wisdom Of The Lotus Sutra: Volume I" Part 1

In SGI, we have several activity groups based on age.  These include the young women and men’s groupings as well as the women and men’s groupings.   1,036 more words


A Sudden Realisation

Occasionally I really surprise myself, or rather something that in all truth should be blindingly obvious, suddenly permeates my grey matter and comes as a bit of a shock. 218 more words


The Seeds Of Change

In today’s world where global issues are so important, many people feel a sense of powerlessness and resignation; a feeling that no single individual’s effort can change the way things are. 1,255 more words


A Buddhist Manual for Being Christ-like

About four years ago i went through the Tibetan Buddhist text The 37 Bodhisattva Practices and analyzed them in the context of Christianity to such an extent that (hopefully) a Christian with no knowledge or interest in Buddhism could still benefit from the wisdom if sincerely desiring to be Christ-like. 290 more words


It'll Be All Wight On The Night

Following further success and another personal best distance on Saturday, my cycling ambitions are ramping up in line with the increased confidence. So I started to plan a 200km day trip to The Isle of Wight. 244 more words