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Shortcut to buddhahood.

Aspiring for the welfare of beings is the shortcut to perfect buddhahood.

From the Tent of the Lotus Heart
Tib. padma’i snying gur

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Non-abiding nirvana.

Kashyapa, it is like this.
Due to the power of tantra and medicine, a poison may not cause death. Similarly, since the disturbing emotions of bodhisattvas are under the power of wisdom, they cannot cause them downfalls. 69 more words

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What is a life-state?

We, humans, have different life conditions- anger,hunger,hell,animality,happiness,sadness,depression,joy,pleasure,learning,buddhahood.

This life state of a person determines the way we behave towards others-be it our family or in our society. 238 more words


Refuge in the Three Jewels.

Taking refuge in the Three Jewels
Will make one fearless.
One who has taken refuge in the Three Jewels
Will no longer wander in the lower realms. 39 more words

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Another Change For The Better

On the day that signalled more a important change than my leaving, this seemed poignant …

In today’s world where global issues are so important, many people feel a sense of powerlessness and resignation; a feeling that no individual’s efforts can change the way things are. 1,255 more words


Thus consider that you are always on duty...

…  required to firmly apply your full attention. If you slack off, you’re useless.

Remember such a stable and firm attitude is itself meditation practice. There is no other method of concentration to seek. 45 more words


All It Needs Is Practice

Nichiren Buddhists believe that, not only does everyone have the World of Buddhahood within them, but that it can be achieved within this lifetime.

Think about that, everyone you know has the potential to reach Buddhahood, your family, friends, work colleagues, everyone. 158 more words