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Book Review: The Universe in a Single Atom by Dalai Lama

I had purchased this book many months ago, but got an opportunity to read it over the summer break.  Dalai Lama is a fantastic leader–both spiritual and political.   643 more words


The Witness

Why do we crave—to the point where it causes physical stress—a witness? Why do we want to walk side-by-side with another person, preferably one perceived as an equal partner, as an intimate witness to our lives, twenty-four hours a day? 1,124 more words


Hair grows naturally on your head...

…Unless, of course, you are bald. :)


Flowers blossom without trying. They already know what to do. When the circumstances are correct, the unfolding of events which is a blossom, occurs without effort. 27 more words


Buddhist Music Manifesto

The importance of music as a vital part of spiritual practice and religious culture is acknowledged by all the major religions of the world. However, of the great religions Buddhism alone seems to have trouble finding a place for music. 1,120 more words


In Defense of Child-like Wonder

I used to blog here more often (particularly about books), but I kind of dropped off the radar. For a long time, Like a year, oops. 750 more words


Bye Bye Facebook

I’m not brave enough to actually delete facebook and deactivating it seems petty and kind of attention seeker-ish but I have decided to get off facebook as much as possible. 226 more words


Meditation Retreat at Vallecitos Ranch, New Mexico

On August 16, after 14 years I returned to Vallecitos Ranch deep in the heart of the Carson National Forest in New Mexico. This is a beautiful, undisturbed wilderness ranch where meditation retreats are conducted about 6 months of each year. 168 more words