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Zen and the Art of E-mail Maintenance

When you send an email to somebody do you expect an answer?

If you send an email to colleagues at work do you expect an answer? 1,532 more words

Dive In To Retreat!

This is an excerpt from Trudy Goodman’s InsightLA blog about the value of meditation retreats:

We live in a culture that doesn’t teach us how to nourish ourselves in truly fulfilling ways. 228 more words


On Meditation Practice.

“….the emphasis has to be on finding the place that is not personality, the place of stillness and silence which can know the arising and ceasing of personality”……”you can’t really trust your emotions or your personality. 39 more words


You are such a control freak!

I had an epiphany today.  I have been having a lot of those lately.  It’s kind of cool, sometimes overwhelming.  But today….today I discovered that I am a control freak.  742 more words

Mindfulness Practice

Earth Day 2014 (4/22/14)

Prayer of Offering Incense
The great blissful incense, pure from the beginning,
The peerless pure clouds of Samantabhadra offerings,
I am offering this incense to the guru mind-sealed deity and to the Triple Gem. 77 more words



i took my mother to see “heaven is for real” this last sunday. i was surprised that it touched me as i had expected it to be droll or calculated- which it actually was a little. 440 more words

Sometimes, especially at night, I feel like I am getting gently ripped apart...

For the past two months or so, I have been having a fair amount of trouble sleeping. Which is pretty clearly indicated by the time stamp of this post (it being 4:15am here in Rochester). 751 more words