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A Rock on the Sand

A rock on the sand

is tossed by the ocean current.

Wherever it lands…..




15% Of The World's nations Require Head Of State To Be From A Certain Religion

THIRTY countries, or roughly 15 percent of the world’s nations, require their heads of state to follow a particular religion, according to a new Pew Research analysis. 130 more words

Buddhist Vocabulary To Know


Recently, I visited the Rissho Kosei Kai temple again this Sunday.  Last week, I came during a special service, so this time around, I wanted to see what a regular service looked like.  594 more words


A flower starts to open

22 July 2014

Did you feel it? Did it show itself to you? I sensed the energy today as a light wind, a mild breeze, very fine and a bit subtle. 378 more words

Universal Beatniks

A counterculture – think of the romantics, the bohemians, the beatniks or the hippies – defines itself in opposition to the dominant or mainstream culture in terms of its values and social norms. 586 more words


No Mud–No Lotus

Have you ever wondered about the pain that you have endured in your life?  Why do some people suffer more than others?  Many people stumble blindly through their life without a glance at anyone else’s pain or sorrow.  264 more words