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Ode to Greg: Facing fear

I have taken a vow not to kill. Intentionally, anyways. Tonight I saw a bug that is very large and referred to as a “House Centipede.” The last time I saw one, I broke my vow and took great joy in squishing it. 386 more words



Here is a place where I will write about my deepest aspirations, biggest fears, insights, musings, my meditation practice, travels, and my deep love for unhealthy vegetarian food. 192 more words


A Hat on a Chair

A hat on a chair,
A picture on a wall,
A life is made up,
Of these things that are so small.

A kiss,
A glance, 149 more words

I Met a Man Named Jesus

I met a man named Jesus,
And he said he had a plan,
Follow me with faith he asked,
And love your fellow man.

I met the great lord Buddha, 161 more words

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

It is the hesitation you feel when you can feel in your heart that you want to applaud, but you refrain, because of the fear that no one else will applaud with you. 271 more words

Planning Day

I hope you all enjoyed the story to celebrate 100 followers, I wrote that ages ago while undertaking my degree studies back in 2000 or so. 192 more words