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Thailand: Meditation And The Endless Sea

There are times when you visit somewhere new, yet there is something familiar. Like maybe you have been there before, in another life, another form, another time. 226 more words


Why No Debate on Lojong

“In this weekly commentary on the lojong, I am not open to the feed becoming
a debate for people to nitpick Buddhism or my interpretations of Buddhist concepts. 161 more words


The First Noble Truth

So I entered my first flash fiction writing contest hosted by The Angry Hourglass. Rules are simple: write a story with a maximum of 600 words based on a simple prompt. 559 more words

Meditation Divine

Eyelids resting on peaceful closed eyes,
Holding the calm, inside of his mind
Muscles lay soft on the bones of his face,
At one with his world, tensions died… 152 more words


Staying Even Keeled By Trying To Stay Present

What keeps me even keeled?  What keeps me from going over the deep end and either killing myself or just leaving one day and never coming back, disappearing into the ether.  1,026 more words


On Individual Pride

Pride can be a double edged sword. We should take pride in our achievements and our proper conduct, but we must take care that our pride does not turn into false vanity. 85 more words