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No room to wave - #haiku #buddhism

no room to wave arms
jam-packed as we strive for more
eagle soars over rooves

Stephanie Mohan – September 2014

photo by Stephanie Mohan – Hong Kong 2008


The Mahabherikharaka Sutra

Kasyapa, according at the time one becomes a Tathagata, a Buddha, he is in Nirvana, and is referred to as:

  • Permanent

  • Steadfast

  • Calm

  • Eternal

  • Self (Atman)

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A Day to Life Post- 64!

How many of us have ever felt that Sunday morning’s couldn’t have been better ? Well I feel that way today, my Sunday morning couldn’t have been any better, because today I appeared for my first entrance exam in my Buddhist practice. 431 more words

Will India ever learn its lessons? China has again shown that it is not be trusted. It pretends to shake your hand and then slaps you in the face. 1,278 more words

Mocking Moon

leaves sculpted
statues in silvery

a solitary moon
half winks
peeks  through

its mocking gaze
a crest, on little trophies
erected within us

their ghostly shadows… 10 more words


Women In Japan

‘Japanese history provides striking examples of how changes in the status of women can be linked with other broad socioeconomic trends. A woman-centered marriage pattern in ancient times contributed to considerable religious and political influence for women, but from the 6th century onward the growing acceptance of Confucian and Buddhist precepts that maintained women’s inferiority reflected and reinforced a shift toward patriarchal family structure. 43 more words