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Alphonse Dead

21 October 2014

“Good morning, Dennis. Did you hear the news about our friend? He panned up the street with his girlfriend? What was his name?” 326 more words


The Diamond Sutra and moral idealism

Most Buddhists know that a bodhisattva is someone who helps others through their understanding of “enlightened practice” or “enlightening practices.” The Buddha is called a bodhisattva when referring to the time before he became a Buddha. 445 more words



Now I’m not a religious guy, not by any far stretch of the imagination. I was raised Roman Catholic, but when I was about 18 or so I just walked away from it all. 1,490 more words


Repeat after me - #buddhism #rightspeech

The moment I let fly
with insults and swear words,
I know that I have lost both
my equanimity
and their respect

Stephanie Mohan – October 2014

photo by Stephanie Mohan – Singapore 2010


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Self-control, especially in human interactions, is an extremely valuable skill that too few people consider or practice. This is not an area for auto-pilot, unless you don't mind crashing and burning, often.

go toilet?

Which part of house is most  important to you?

Living hall?



Study room?

Car porch?


Entertainment room?

No matter how beautiful and how much you spend in your home renovation, if you don’t have a clean toilet, nothing work well. 260 more words


It’s been mentioned
many times that – Life is a Path of
transforming the Mind as 2 end Suffering !
This means that Life although many don’t know… 207 more words

The Lord who looks upon the world with compassion

Tall Ivory Carving, China, 19th century, standing figure of Kuan Yin in adorned clothing and headdress,  left hand in the mudra of appeasement position, right hand holding a lotus blossom, a swirling dragon at feet, standing on a lotus base, ht. 18 1/4 in