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Challenge accepted.

“Our actions should be based on the ever-present awareness that human beings in their thinking, feeling, and acting are not free but are just as causally bound as the stars in their motion.” ~ Albert Einstein…

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Taking An Attention Vacation

Oldest Light Buddha.

There is a great deal of attention put on “attention” in Buddhism (and rightly so). But there is a also a risk of becoming too rigid or regimented in our practice. 12 more words


Cultivating Mudita

We have all felt it. Envy. Even jealousy. Someone we know is experiencing good fortune, a lucky break, an exotic vacation, an inheritance, the leading role in a play, a photo in a magazine. 270 more words

Both neither truths are correct

Mastering, Buddhism — Mastering Life requires that you process two very different, conflicting truths as one truth. And live with it not trying to justify it but to understand it.

Productivity versus presence

I recently wrote about my digital spring clean. I deleted a number of my social media accounts because I felt that I was spreading my efforts too thin and also because I felt that it would help me to be more productive.  875 more words


Dharma Doodles, Real Words, And Blueberry Chèvre Salad

Pre-study session whiteboard doodles. “When we take to the road, we don’t know where we will wind up in the end.” Walking the Buddhist path, the goal is to wind up enlightened. 488 more words


The good life

I’ve never felt particularly comfortable around words like morals or ethics –somehow they smack of judgment, right and wrong and of such things being passed down from some rule book or higher authority. 353 more words