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Law of Attraction, Part 12: Shiva, the Master Yogi

The next largest Hindu denomination after the Vaishnava sect is Shaivism, the sectaries who worship Shiva as the Supreme God. While the Vaishnava is Hinduism’s largest denomination, Shaivism claims to be the oldest, with archeological evidence suggesting a proto-Shiva worship in some form in prehistoric India. 1,381 more words


Day 140 What's a nice Buddhist like you doing in a place like this?

This is Lake Patoka. It is the second largest reservoir in Indiana. We watched this deer cross the water.
We have many covered bridges left in Indiana. 67 more words


We are not alone | Personal

This is going to be the most personal post as of yet. This isn’t easy. So why am I doing it? Not because I necessarily feel the need to share. 1,029 more words

Post With Photo

Terracotta Army, Longmen caves and Kung Fu fighting

It felt like in our first 7 days in China we have been travelling at the speed of light. After returning from national parks we spent few days in Changsha, trying not to spend too much money (damn China is expensive!!!) and ‘socialising’ at local TV presenter birthday party Jamie got us invited to. 1,209 more words


Abhidhammattha-Sangaha 1.1.2

2. Ābhidhammatthā (Subject Matter)

tattha vutt’ ābhidhammatthā—catudhā paramatthato
citttam cetasikam rūpam—nibbānam’ iti sabbathā

The root categories mentioned in Abhidhamma are fourfold: consciousness, mental states, matter and nibbāna. 1,292 more words


Secrets of True Happiness (2012)

This was another short book of poems by the same author who wrote Buddha in Blue Jeans. I was struck by the emphasis on forgetting oneself as one of the main points of the book. 219 more words


Heart of the land

I was upcountry for a while, with no hope of properly working internet, and I have no idea anymore what I meant to write here, last week I spent a whole afternoon at Shwedagon, and loved it as always, not simply the sparkling gold, that would be too easy, but people-watching. 147 more words