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Two Devotees Ask Guan Yin For Talismans

A devotee of Guan Yin Bodhisattva asked for a talisman to protect him against bad luck in business. Guan Yin said sarcastically: “If you want to do business and want good luck all the time, just stick to selling flowers.”  The devotee left the temple empty handed. 110 more words


Schadenfreude and Caveat Emptor: Noble Silence in the Age of Social Media

I submit for your consideration that as it pertains to this blog, my over two years of having to read every comment posted here, that there is something both unseemly and at the same time revealing about some of the comments posted here about teachers. 1,019 more words

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Salvation of a Saint and the Etiquette of Suicide

Keigo Higashino’s Salvation of a Saint is a nice read. An enticing, elaborate murder mystery with enough emotional meat to hook us in. Without going into too much detail it suffices to say that this is modern day Conan Doyle material. 345 more words


Stupid Spontaneity

I have been wrestling lately with “the present moment” versus planning for the future, or maybe it is “spontaneity” versus “discipline.”

My stumbling block is McMindfulness, where the focus is incessantly on the present and the pretense (perhaps “pretense” comes from the same root as “present”, just as “shrub” and “bush” and “brush” seem to have the same letters rearranged to give a final similar result) that this moment is all there… 667 more words


After a meditation i had a few months ago i’m starting to venture more deeper into buddhism, specially the Zen school and Mahayana Buddhism. I’m draw to the energy of Kuan Yin and Tara (as embodyments of compassion and infinite love, two things i value and want to uphold even thou i’m… 112 more words

Existential Ambiguity 5.5: Consciousness, Perception & Feeling

Wettimuny’s The Buddha’s Teaching and the Ambiguity of Existence is one of those rare and important books that everyone needs, if only they knew it. It builds a bridge between the most important thoughts and thinkers of the east and west: the Existentialists in the west, and the Buddha in the east. 59 more words


The Stream Of Consciousness

We are each unique configurations in which consciousness expresses itself. Consciousness is without definition, but is shaped by form, just as water is shaped by the geography of a river it passes through. 29 more words