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Three Great Obstacles on the Path

There are many defects (dosha) in the mind that are destructive of everything. Because of them, people are constantly stewing in the terrible world of change. 327 more words


Becoming a Chaplain - Personal Journey #2

Before anyone thinks too highly of me I need to tell you not just what I did in caring for those young men; boys if you will. 1,431 more words

By Ryusho

Let it RAIN

I love encountering an author for the first time.  There are those rare times that, within the first few sentences, you know this person will become an influential part of your life.


How To Be Free

Friendly Buddha.

If you want to be free,
Get to know your real self.
-Zen Saying


A False Peak of Agony: Part 1

Adam’s Peak, or Sri Pada, is located in the west hill country of Sri Lanka. Surrounded by tea plantations and rubber farms, it stands roughly 2200m. 1,338 more words


Easter '14

Hello friends,

Today I am taking a brief break from the Ten Perfections series to post something family-oriented. Tomorrow being Easter, I intend to observe the holiday along with my family. 480 more words