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Like Machines

In this modern world one of the things that is happening because of mechanisation and industrialisation is that human beings are also becoming more and more machine-like, automatic. 184 more words

Meditation And Mindfulness

Disease or Identity

I have a history of depression. Sometimes it’s been pretty extreme. I’ve thought about death. I’ve googled morbid things. I’ve lost friends. I’ve seen therapists. I’ve been on medication. 676 more words


Weekly Teaching

everything changes, from
second to second
minute to minute
day to day
lifetime to lifetime.

 ”path to peace” –  venerable wuling


Ten rules that are meant to be followed by you
Nine times that he’s gonna judge
Eight paths that will lead me to something new… 83 more words

The Carlos Show Blogs

A Scary Late Night Thought...

So many philosophies are about action. But I mostly act because I a terrified on inaction. I am terrified of just floating through life, of letting it slip by. This is my motivation.