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Movie review: Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons

Journey to the West is a whimsical modern version of part of the Chinese classic Xiyouji. Of course, liberties are taken with the story, which focuses on the taming of the demons that accompany the Chinese Buddhist monk Xuan Zang on his trek to India to obtain a number of Buddhist sutras (sacred texts ascribed to be the words of the Buddha). 274 more words


World WReligion Wednesday: The Future of Hinduism

THIS is an interesting compilation of articles.

What are your thoughts?


Daily Enlightenment #5

“Nature is like a mirror. It remains still, but I move. It seems unchanging, yet I am constantly changing. The mirror of nature reflects my inner world, the essence of humanity, and the great, all-embracing expanse of life itself.

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Delight of the bumblebee on the clover,
Delight of the butterfly flitting past,
Delight of the koi gliding between the lily pads in the pond, 21 more words


Ticket To Ride, Chapter 2: When do you know you're a man?


As the western peaks were unveiled by purelight of day, two tanned figures dressed in shorts and t-shirts, walked beneath the drowsy sway of the coconut palms, heading toward the sea. 640 more words

Goodbye For Now

We ship out on Saturday.

My flight is paid for. My visa’s been filed.¬†The generous people filling in for me have the lowdown on what to do. 556 more words