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High Himilayas Continued....

For eight days, I hiked, “camped” in tea houses, and felt closer to God than I had in a long time. I started my second to last day earlier than the guide, a little contrary to his opinion since there was a possible turn-off I might miss, since I seem to have trouble with left and right, north and south. 161 more words


Vermilion Hope

To its wit,
a condo swells by its seams
and gave up
under the pull of thermo-bombs.

Rescuers meet screamers,
a car’s horning about to hit a deaf flock… 68 more words

Shittu Fowora

Day 66: Cambodia’s children

I know that the nature of this post will not appeal to all my readers, but I feel it’s time for a more serious post. 1,340 more words


Day Sixty-Eight

Three Four Things I Learned:

1. Buddhist monks wear platform sandal shoes year round, even in the winter, because it is the only shoe that touches the least amount of ground, which means less chance of accidentally stepping on a bug or harming a tiny form of life. 98 more words

Daily Blog: TTL

a message in the rose garden

Old-lady brain: I accidentally scheduled today’s post for the Catholic celebration of All Souls’ Day yesterday, which was All Saints’ Day. Yikes! I was irritated with myself and went for a walk in the garden, which gifted me this message and reminder. 233 more words

Jamie Dedes

Day 33: Ceremonies and Websites

I hadn’t planned to take this long to update my blog.  I’ve been struggling to decide on a subject for this post, and I’ve been a bit sick. 906 more words