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A Thai Housewarming

My host mom, Jam, slumped into the hammock the second she got home Sunday night, the one stretched out in a space between the parked truck and the dining table outside, exhausted from two days of a family event. 770 more words

▶ MLK Walk, Washington: Planting Seeds of Peace

Very inspiring. Video is from the MLK peace walk in Washington state and flashes between the walk and Jeju Island where a large delegation from this region recently went to stand in solidarity with the people in South Korea. 354 more words


Natural National Beauty

Doi Inthanon National Park
AKA my replacement for Yosemite while in Thailand. It’ll do

I’m a nature buff. If I can be outside I am!! 43 more words

Monk fashion and Santa--

POW!  Buddhist monks in Myanmar wear dark maroon robes for the most part with the occasional saffron wrap thrown in.  We love the dark maroon robes because they are a similar color to the chiles that are used all over Myanmar to make the food spicy and tasty here. 125 more words

Southeast Asia


Everyone that I talk to who’s been to Myanmar says it reminds them of Thailand 50 years ago.  All of those people are under the age of 50, so I am not sure how they know this, but they seem very sure of it. 8,191 more words

South East Asia

Hangin' with the locals...

…in Yangon, Myanmar is fun.  Everyone here is friendly to us and refreshingly curious–particularly about my blue-eyed caucazoid self.  I haven’t received this much attention as a gringo in a foreign land since my tour of India back in ‘o5.   158 more words

Southeast Asia