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Nothing marks my way - #haiku

naturally centred
unhurried I walk forward -
nothing marks my way

Haiku by Stephanie Mohan – July 2014


Walking on my hands

Walking on my hands,
the way from here is so clear -
different point of view

Haiku by Stephanie Mohan

photography – thanks friend Mandy Victoria Australia -June 2014

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Disquiet abides

Disquiet abides in the eaves,
awaiting the opportunity to pounce
on some hapless passer-by,
a worry-wart wandering mindlessly
buried in their woebegone thoughts,
unawares of the freeloader…

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To Brilliance

To Brilliance

(a new poem)

To Brilliance

Of being

Agenda-less for right now

Of making no meaning

To this moment or the next

To Brilliance… 42 more words

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