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The Temple Bell

thoughts a festering wound
gathering and multiplying waves
racing from the depths

I gaze
the crowd.

passing faces all blank outlines
penciled shades quivering… 32 more words


Such a handsome fellow - #buddhism #poetry

Such a handsome fellow,
it went straight to his head
convinced that he was special
no matter what others said
a glib tongue he deftly employed…

95 more words

Seeing double - #haiku, #buddhism

I’m seeing double,
each eye finds such bright trinkets -
firm gaze for good sight

Haiku by Stephanie Mohan – August 2014

Buddhist Blog

Full attention - #haiku, #meditation

turn the light around,
return home and shine within -
have full attention

Haiku by Stephanie Mohan


Motion Picture

Inspired by Most Venerable Katukurunde Gnanananda Thero’s dhamma talk on motion picture.

Sitting on the chair
Never giving up the role
The scenes need editing… 103 more words


Food for Thought Out (a poem)

Walk out, lock out,
Stomp out, jump out,
Singled out, found out,
Strike out, come out,
Way out, time out,
Take a new route,
Far out, 68 more words

Food For Thought

Three New Poems

Blinded by Passions

Blinded by
passions , I
out loud in
the darkness
of my own
not noticing
the one
the boat… 117 more words

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