Tags » Buddhist Poetry

this world
made of perceptions, spins
on words

© Malintha Perera 2014


Bear with patience
The multiplied troubles
Like a queen that endures the pain
Caused by her royal fetus.
How proud is she
She embraces the difficulties… 72 more words


this earth
is your sky, the moment
you let go

© Malintha Perera 2014


Evening Prayers

The dusk a dusty ash.
The bo tree holds its breath
rising high….
a white shadow.

Silence smokes its way
curling circles around
and the wind dare not move… 147 more words


The Raining Forest

rain on leaves…
an applause
on and off

on my lips…
the wetness
of the earth

with mist..
wet jasmine nods

a play of drips, rippling silence… 32 more words


#hap2014 - 264 - Undone (by Weezer)

Cool. While you read I might be sitting in a train somewhere between Prague and Vienna on my way back to Münster (as weird as it sounds). 92 more words


The Temple Bell

thoughts a festering wound
gathering and multiplying waves
racing from the depths

I gaze
the crowd.

passing faces all blank outlines
penciled shades quivering… 32 more words