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Flight to nibbana - #buddhism #buddhist #poetry

The dust has been swept away
And the spectres of ignorance
have lost their terrible allure;
With passion thus gone,
the birds of paradise
have been duly released;

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Wrapped around this little finger - #buddhism #poetry

Wrapped around this little finger;
the holders grasp would not hinder breaking free;
finding benefits to capture that foster primal greed,
the tendency of being is to stop, feed and linger…

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Sitting, walking or lying down - #micropoetry #buddhism #meditation #mindful

Whether sitting, walking or lying down,
Notice each breath from start through to finish;
Then, as all distractions slowly diminish,
Worries will cease and so will that frown…

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The troublesome mind - #micropoetry #buddhism

The troublesome mind,
Orphaned by sheer neglect;
With a tendency to be circumspect;
Becomes home to numerous neuroses, you will find

Stephanie Mohan- November 2014

photo by Stephanie Mohan


This is serious - #haiku #buddhism

This is serious,
life is so out of kilter -
find the middle way

Haiku by Stephanie Mohan- November 2014

photo by Stephanie Mohan

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This mind suffers not - #buddhism #micropoetry

Steady as a mountain
Loose as falling rocks
Cool as a snowy stream
Sweet as newborn foal
Ripe as ruby apple
Free as a wandering cloud…

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Endless repeats - #buddhism

the endless repeats on the telly
are reminding me of the repeats in life,
like hearing the same old stories,
and having the same old fights…

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