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Reflecting The Buddha Within Us

By: David Astor, Sensei

When our practice has cultivated a deep sense of connectiveness with how we think and behave, we are positioned to understand the importance of experiencing each situation we encounter as being interpreted by our dispositions (how we are). 561 more words

Glacial - #photo plus #comment for #meditation and reflection

unwilling to acknowledge my existence
i wish you a cheery good morning,

Photo and words by Stephanie Mohan – January 2015

For Reflection…

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On My Responsibility ...

At some point during the last 24 hours, the number of visits to my blog passed the 100,000 mark, which I find amazing, but which also illustrates the burden of responsibility I have for the topics I post about. 276 more words


Practice with intent - #haiku #buddhism #mindtraining

Dark forces playing,
skillful mind keeps them at bay –
practice with intent

Haiku by Stephanie Mohan- December 2014


Repost: Consciousness, Big Data, and FIML

Modern neuroscience does not see humans as having a discrete consciousness located in a specific part of the brain. Rather, as Michael S. Gazzaniga says: 689 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)

All It Needs Is Practice

Nichiren Buddhists believe that, not only does everyone have the World of Buddhahood within them, but that it can be achieved within this lifetime.

Think about that, everyone you know has the potential to reach Buddhahood, your family, friends, work colleagues, everyone. 158 more words