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Silver Sangha Thursday 07 August 2014

Co-ordinated by Tessa King

These afternoons (1.30-3pm first Thursday in the month) will be an opportunity to meet informally and explore the issues we face at this stage of our lives. 95 more words


On Responsibility ...

There are now over five hundred people following my blog, so I need to think even more carefully about the things I post.

Each topic will be, however small, a source for potential change in those who read it. 260 more words


The heart of Buddhist practice

The heart of buddhist practice:
to learn how to respond with loving-kindness to every being

Stephanie Mohan – July 2014

photo – thanks friend Mandy B – Victoria Australia 2014


Kevin MacDonald

I am a huge supporter of free speech, both in public and in private. I mention this because I am dismayed at how little can be said in private even among close friends, while even less can be said in public. 842 more words

Cultural Norms

An Adventure Every Day

Every day can be an adventure into the unknown. If we allow ourselves to go with the flow of events, we can find ourselves in new situations, with new challenges. 126 more words


Drive Safely: Actions on the Noble Path

by Wayne Ren-Cheng

Of the practices of the Eightfold Path, one of them in particular you have been practicing every moment since birth. Call it ‘trial and error’ or ‘on-the-job-training’, you’ve learned what to do, and when to do it so that you get desired results. 1,221 more words

Meditation And Practice

Empathy's evil twin and our need to understand it

Empathy literally means the capacity to recognize the emotions being experienced by another sentient being.

It is almost always bound up with sympathy and compassion. Empathy as we normally think of it is a good thing, a liberal thing, a Buddhist thing, a kindly thing. 331 more words

Cultural Norms