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Learning The Lessons Of Silence

By: Mn. Dr. Brian Jin-Deng Kenna

“Last night I dreamed I was, temporarily, back at Gethsemani. I was dressed in a Buddhist monk’s habit, but with more black and red and gold, a “Zen habit,” in color more Tibetan than Zen… I met some women in the corridor, visitors and students of Asian religion, to whom I was explaining I was a kind of Zen monk and Gelugpa together, when I woke up.” 1    (pg. 733 more words

Buddhist Practice

#HappyEarthDay: A #CelebrationofEarth at #DeerParkMonastery

Happy Earth Day!

I feel especially joyous this Earth Day 2014. Yes, species extinction and environmental destruction are at an all-time high and there is great suffering in the world. 518 more words

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What A Joy

What is true joy in life? This is a difficult question to answer, and one that has occupied the time of a great many thinkers and philosophers. 70 more words


Becoming a Luminous Exemplar of the Dharma

“Becoming a Luminous Exemplar of the Dharma”

Having great shame, subdue the self with utmost
determination and astuteness.
Instantly control the mind of conceit, instantly… 141 more words

Buddhist Practice

Get Out And Stay Young !!!

As I pootle around on my bike, it’s easy to forget that I am in my late fifties.

I don’t feel any older than I did forty years ago, in fact, my stamina and fitness is far better now than it was then. 310 more words


More on personality problems

I discussed some of my problems with the word personality and how it is used in an earlier post.

This morning, I found an wonderful post by Robert Priddy that put the matter well. 682 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)