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Peering inside Myanmar's earliest stupas

This time-worn cover of a relic chamber is another mesmerizing work on display At the Met in “Lost Kingdoms.”   It was found inside a stupa at Sri Ksetra, a 1,500-year old site we visited in 2012.   108 more words


The blessings of Bagan

Trying to count the temples in Bagan, one of Burma’s (and the world’s) richest archaelogical sites, is as futile as counting the freckles on your loved one’s back- but also as irresisitble. 933 more words


Yeongheungsa Temple

Yeongheungsa  is a small Buddhist temple in Chunghyodong (my neighborhood). Last Friday, on the way from the swimming pool to the bus stop, I stopped there to explore and take pictures. 457 more words

Screw castles, I want to live in a Vietnamese temple.

As my family and I traveled through Vietnam, we started to notice a theme.

Buddhism is strong in Vietnam. Temples pepper the Vietnamese landscape with the same frequency as churches in Europe. 295 more words

I Think In Comics

Day 81 - 84: The ancient cities of Ayutthaya & Sukhothai (part une).

After the debauchery of Bangkok, we headed for more cultural climes. North we went, on the train (15 baht per person 3rd class) from Hua Lumpong station to the ancient former capital city of Ayutthaya, about 1.5 hrs away. 331 more words

Chasing The Sun

Bomun and Bulguksa: the Obligatory Cherry Blossom Post

In Korea, there is such a narrow window between the icebox of winter and the sauna of summer of summer that, when it’s not raining, I go out every chance I get.  276 more words

Mangazan Koji in Ieyama, Shimada City: The Only Temple in Japan Dedicated to Human Feet!

If you have the opportunity to get off one of the Oigaway Ralway Line trains in Ieyama, Hon Kawane, Shimada City, you will find a great oddity a few minutes walk from the walk from the Station! 426 more words