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The power of a positive attitude and being polite

I believe that many people focus too much on being “cool”. It is not my wish to lecture about social behaviour ect, but I dare you all: Next time you have a chance to inter-act on a friend, know or unknown, then choose to meet them with all the kindness and respect you are able of. 100 more words


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Food for thought here and links to other bloggers who can inspire you: http://www.manrepeller.com/ http://www.littleplastichorses.com/

Abuse no more

Personal Note from Namaste The Buddha Way.

I don’t share much of my own personal story. I share tools I’ve learned from teachers all across the board. 417 more words

A Form Of Compassion We Can All Do, End Shaming

Shaming has been around for years and has become more visible with social media. It was explained to me as a friend of mine that it is society’s or one person’s way of telling you that they disapprove. 192 more words

Is There a Spiritual Component to What is Happening in Iraq and the Middle East?

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

 Fear of deadly ‘religious war’ between Jews and Muslims raised after synagogue attack


JERUSALEM — Israelis and Palestinians expressed fear Wednesday that their decades-old conflict was moving beyond the traditional nationalist struggle between two peoples fighting for their homelands and spiraling into a raw and far-reaching  1,024 more words

L. A. Marzulli

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One Time When There Was No Control In My Life

I have been there, it is called my father’s drug addiction to prescription pain pills and it started when I was small. He was in a bad car accident and he recovered by learning how to live off pain pills. 145 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

Straight lines are man-made, and they are all around us. 

If you’ve followed my blog or know me at all, I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that I see myself as a Nature Girl.  134 more words


Post Meditation

I once heard a long time practitioner say that he had just realized he firewalled his meditation practice and study from the rest of his life. 117 more words

Between Our Ears