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Day 3: Little visitors

On Tuesday morning Jack found Buddy sitting in one of his Lego bases, apparently being held at gun point by a trooper and a droid. He doesn’t look too bothered by the whole thing though. 86 more words

Day 1: Tree hugger.

He’s back! Our little friend Buddy the Elf (who didn’t stay on the shelf) has returned for another Christmas. Yahoo!

Everyone was pretty excited to see him sitting at the top of the tree on Sunday morning hugging the star. 65 more words

Pulsaderm Buddy - YouTube

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Who 'Elf' Can Play Buddy?

There are only a handful of movies I like to watch more than once, and one Christmas movie that I insist on watching every holiday season. 81 more words

guest bloggin'

If you read a post by me and thought “now here is a guy that I could exploit for content on my awesome blog,” or “man, I just don’t feel like posting today, I’d like to take a breather and let ol’ Matt C write one for me,” then you are in luck, friend! 142 more words


Fast Times at...Pre-K

Dear Buddy,

You came home from school wearing your shoes on the wrong feet and only one sock.

Another wild day in Pre-K?


Texas rancher's dog hitches ride on ambulance

Source: My Way News, November 2014

MASON, Texas (AP) — A dog named Buddy didn’t wait for an invitation when his 85-year-old owner had to go to the hospital. 101 more words