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Something I Need To Say

I have the best blogging buddies ever.

That is all.

I refuse to use up any more of your precious time.

Instead you should be blogging so I can have more fabulous posts to read.

Be gone.


Friends and Other Strangers

The caretaker will be the first to admit that it has been entirely too long since the cats have been featured on the Internet. Since our last post, they have been courageous in the face of storms and delivery men, sleepy after a hard day of guarding the palace, hungry from hours of full contact napping, disdainful of nutritious food, judgmental of the caretaker’s choice of clothing, and just plain bored with life, the universe, and everything.  511 more words


Hanging out

Still using his trike to scoot round the house, and give his friends a ride. (He is always asking me if I want to go in the trailer. 29 more words



by Marilyn D. Lee

Friendship is something that doesn’t grow overnight.

It’s something you must work on with all your might.

A friend is someone to share good and bad times with, 87 more words


Where am I?

In an art and design frame of reference, where do I belong?

Its something Ingrid asked us and worked with us on last week, its what she continued to work on Monday of this week, and its quite likely she will continue next week as well! 520 more words


Walk With a Purpose!

What is the Buddy Walk? 

    The Buddy Walk is known to raise awareness and acceptance of people with Down syndrome. It was established in 1995 by the National Down Syndrome Society. 173 more words