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1 Oct 6:12 am – Kipi: The things we take for granted, someone else is praying for. One kind word can change someone’s entire day. Buddy Namaste!

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Loyal Dog Clings To Side Of Ambulance With Friend Inside

This pooch really went the distance to make sure his owner was going to be OK.  After experiencing some dizziness, J.R. Nicholson, an 85-year-old rancher from Mason, Texas, was rushed to the hospital late last month, ABC News reported. 71 more words

1 Sep 12:20 am – Kipi: I bet people who look to the sky and count the stars, live life a lot differently.  Nature cannot be rearranged by the human hands.

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You've Got Mail

Dear Santa

My gorgeous boy has re-written his wish list. Is that OK? Apparently he had forgotten some important toys and he is sad. He is sad because… 441 more words

Lil G

Buddy, Get Home

Well here we awe, anudder day and me still hasn’t gotten wound to visit evewypawdy yet. Mommy sez sumfin’ ‘bout a road and good intentions. Anyways, meez hopin’ after yous hear why me hasn’t made it by, yous will all furgiv me. 1,323 more words



It’s happening.
I’m having withdrawals.
I’ve also been eating like I’ve been consistently running. That my friends, is bad news bears.

Even though I haven’t been running , I’m reading all kinds of blogs and articles to keep me in good spirits. 50 more words


I Feel Like Chicken Tonight (featuring guest blogger, Buddy)

Well, I haven’t cooked anything blog-worthy the past few days, unless you count opening a can of tuna and tossing a bag of steamed veggies in the microwave (It takes skill. 221 more words