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Budget Cooking Ideas for the Family

If you hear the term “budget cooking” and have a bad image come to mind then the first step on the cooking adventure is clear. Change your thoughts! 538 more words

Home Cooking


I was a very enterprising home chef during my 2.5 year relationship with Sonodoro. During that time, I had three entry-level jobs and figured out how to make the little money I earned work for our best interest. 1,023 more words


A Crêpe Double Feature

Crêpes are my favorite! They are so versatile and so french.  Make one for a savory entree or a sweet dessert. You can stuff them with anything and flavor the batter with anything. 528 more words


Capellini Nests in Tomato Cream Sauce

After a long day of work, I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time cooking, especially in the summer when it’s hot.  Most of my recipes are fast, or they are dishes that can be made in batches on the weekend to be eaten throughout the week or taken to work.  474 more words


Eggs en Cocotte

Like a little savory creme brulee, you “crack” into the yolk and out rushes a creamy little egg sauce!  This dish is so fast to make. 513 more words


10 Tasty Potato Dishes For Your Next Campout (or Grill Night!)

They’re easy and tasty – and several can be prepared and packaged at home so at the campsite you simply put them on the grill. They’re “packaged” individually so those who want two servings will have to fix two. 735 more words

Home Cooking

The best of the breast: cooking lamb on a budget.

I am not very good at cooking meat. As a result of this, I don’t really cook with unconventional cuts.  However I recently read The River Cottage Meat Book… 806 more words