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Two Dozen Hamburger Based Meal Solutions

Hamburger is an American tradition. Most of what we refer to as hamburger is ground beef, not ham, but ground meats in general offer much versatility. 338 more words


10 Easy Thrifty Ways to Save Money - and Afford Food Choices

Being thrifty is sometimes seen negatively with words such as cheapskate, tightwad or penny pincher. There may be jokes about making Mr. Lincoln go so far he has sore feet. 653 more words

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Holland Quiche

Dutch aged gouda, locally grown squash and oregano are the defining elements of this quiche.  I’ve named it Holland Quiche because of the prominent Gouda flavor but truly, this dish is very Californian.   368 more words


Coconut Black Bean Stew

Hello!  I hope you had an uplifting Sunday :)  I like to do gargantuan batches of foods on the weekends, for easy meals during the week when I get home ravenous.   225 more words

Check out Mark Bittman’s article today from the New York Times about the true value of local, producers-only farmers markets.

Budget Cooking

Creamy Pesto

Whoever thought that a pesto this creamy would be completely dairy free! I first tried making dairy-free pesto when I started dating my boyfriend because he can’t have any dairy.  306 more words


10 Unusual Foods for a Taste of Traditions

When you’re looking for unusual foods in the USA take a drive to the country, especially in the south. Interesting cuisine abounds when money is tight, and traditional foods may seem like weird food to those who live elsewhere. 795 more words