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Washington state poverty rate remains unchanged

The number of Washington state residents living below the poverty line remained relatively steady from 2009 to 2010. Approximately 781,000 residents, or 11.7 percent, were living in poverty in 2009. 12 more words


The Unavoidable Beheading

This is my very first entry and for my new readers I just want to clarify why I started this blog. The simplest answer is that I became part of the US research funding disaster. 678 more words

Basic Research

Budget Cuts: Making Wookies Bite Size

Ewoks were never meant to exist.

The Return of the Jedi was suppose to have an epic Wookie battle but the movie was far over budget, and large Wookie costumes are pricey. 243 more words

Star Wars

A decade of slow growth?

By Fareed Zakaria

From: Cnn.com:
Every year at Davos, people like me try to get a sense of the mood of the place, take the temperature of people in this frosty mountain resort. 51 more words


"we're all on food stamps.."

“We’re asking for $15 because in order to support one person in a one bedroom apartment you need to make $14.88. We don’t make anywhere near that and we’re all on food stamps.”

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Raising the minimum wage isn't about making a group of workers feel better

“They’re more productive than they ever have been and yet that productivity isn’t ending up helping them with their incomes it’s going into corporate profits.”

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David Kirp: Why Teaching Is Not a Business

In a truly wonderful article in Sunday’s New York Times, David Kirp of the University of California at Berkeley lays waste the underpinnings of the current “education reform” movement. 996 more words

Charter Schools