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Thrifty Thursday - Chicken Green Bean Casserole Bake

Wow another cheap dinner recipe for Thrifty Thursday… :)

Sorry it is a day late; I yet again forgot to click “Publish”… oops.  (Why doesn’t it just KNOW when I am ready to post?)



There are few dishes with the universal appeal of pizza. As a rule, I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like puppies, sunshine, or pizza. People who aren’t able to appreciate the delicious perfection of a well-made pizza need professional help. 324 more words


Single Serving Pizza Dough

With this absolute abundance of summer produce, I’ve been racking my mind to come up with new and delicious ways to use it all up. Cold salads! 634 more words


Slow Cooked Moroccan Chicken

This meal is full of flavour and easy to prepare. Put it in the slow cooker and forget about it for hours. Lovely served with sour cream or Greek yoghurt. 131 more words


Carrot Romesco

I’m a big fan of romesco. Big fan. If you’ve never heard of it or had the great fortune to eat some, romesco is a Catalan sauce typically made with red peppers, garlic, roasted pine nuts or almonds, and various other accoutrements. 350 more words


Spinach, Mushroom and Ricotta Cannelloni

This easy vegetarian dish is so tasty. Perfect for a mid week dinner. As an alternative to using cannelloni shells, you could use fresh lasagne sheets, adding the mixture down the centre and then rolling them up and finishing the recipe in the same way. 209 more words


Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Pot Pies

This dish is so satisfying on a cold winter’s night. It is easy to prepare and the filling can be prepared well in advance and finished off later on. 223 more words