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Living Frugal Recipe: Carrot And String Beans Adobo


Apparently, many of us go through financial hard times and being down-and-out could do a lot of compromise on our everyday food intake. Yeah, I mean we go starve ourselves or eat the food with more quantity but low quality. 331 more words

Self Improvement

Corn Pudding

If you live in farm country like I do, you just about can’t go anywhere without driving by a corn field. If you’re more of an urban warrior, you at least can’t go to a farmers market at this time of year without ears of corn all over the place. 470 more words


Easy Vegetarian Pad Thai

This recipe is super easy and super delicious. No need to ever buy jars of sauce from the supermarket again when you can make your own with staples from your pantry. 235 more words



There are few dishes with the universal appeal of pizza. As a rule, I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like puppies, sunshine, or pizza. People who aren’t able to appreciate the delicious perfection of a well-made pizza need professional help. 324 more words


Single Serving Pizza Dough

With this absolute abundance of summer produce, I’ve been racking my mind to come up with new and delicious ways to use it all up. Cold salads! 634 more words


Long Hots with Braised Fried Eggs (luo4jiao1shao1dan4 糯椒燒蛋)

I saw this dish on Youtube and my first thoughts were…What?! Fried eggs in sauce? This is so weird.
The more I watched, however, the more this jolly slightly round Taiwanese chef’s cooking won me over! 691 more words