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3 things that all twentysomething should be doing

Twentysomething and finding yourself repeatedly stuck in a rut? It’s always about work, work and work? Ever felt envious about your friends doing things that you’d always wanted to do, always wanted to be? 392 more words

Budget Travel

How I spent three days in Utah/Las Vegas in less than $400

In early July, I spent a three days and four nights in Utah with the purpose of exploring Zion. My friend Ann (who pitched the idea of going to… 704 more words


Change of Plan. We're in Vietnam

Up until 10 days ago we were supposed to be in Japan now. Sapporo to be exact, working our way south, spending three or four weeks in what will be one of the most expensive countries that we travel to, then heading to South Korea before heading back into China for the second of our dual entry visit.  880 more words


Stay in a Hostel

The idea of staying in a hostel might scare you. That’s alright, traveling can be scary sometimes. But it’s jumping off of the high dive for the first time scary; your stomach is turned upside down and you’re pretty sure you’re going to vomit and you’ll be “Pool Vomit Girl” as long as you live. 302 more words

Budget Travel

The Highlands, land of James Bond and Braveheart !

After spending some time in Edinburgh, we wanted to explore the countryside and have a glimpse of the famous Highlands, a large part of Scotland mainly composed of ancient volcanic rocks. 230 more words


On a Budget in Danang

It’s been a while since I’ve done a budget post (you can find others here and here) but I really enjoy seeing how much we spend each day.   336 more words

【科技旅行】旅行開支預算 ExNote Travel

去了一個月旅行,帶著不少現金過境,錢當然要分開擺放,可是,消費正正才是金錢流走的原因。所以這次旅行我用了 Expense Note for Travel 作記帳之用。

市面上大多記帳的應用也是為商務旅行而設,對普通用家來說單據記錄及批核追蹤等功能無用武之地。Expense Note for Travel 雖然免費於 iOS 平台以供下載,但實際也是要收費,因為開通多於一日的旅行需付 HKD$18 的 In-App Purchase。(否則閣下打算所有消費記在同一天)

功能大致上滿足一般人旅行簡單記帳的需求。先新增旅行,選擇旅行日期及目的地,再填入預計兌換的金錢作預算,便可以在旅程上提醒著自己還有多少錢剩下。 不過建議按不同貨幣的地方劃分,暫時程或不支援多貨幣於同一次旅行,若你到多於一個國家便要好像我這樣分開英國和愛爾蘭了。

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