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You're the Boss. Choosing Vendors.

Depending on your particular career path and how far you’ve come down that journey, this might be the first chance you have to “interview” people. This was not my strong suit. 472 more words


Let Them Eat Cake! (And Lord May it Not Cost A Fortune!)

Remember that time I told you about the fact that you have an arsenal of talented people around you? Well I must say I was… 767 more words


Sit Down. Have a Financial Plan for the Wedding.

Cold, hard dollars and cents. There are several ways to go about setting a budget and sticking to it, I am going to let you know how it worked for Zack and I. 727 more words


Be Decisive. Pick that Theme!

Theme Weddings. Am I right? If there is anything that a Katherine Heigl movie taught me, theme weddings are tacky and SO DONE. Just stop. 523 more words

Budget Wedding

How To Put Together A Wedding Budget

The number one thing that stresses out brides and grooms is the amount of money they have to spend on their wedding. And rightly so! Weddings can be very expensive. 883 more words


DIY Wedding Videos? I DO!

In the “olden days,” like five years ago, not everyone and their 80 year-old grandmother had a smartphone. Oh, how times have changed! You can now unlock your car, pay for dinner, find directions, figure out your heart rate, listen to Katy Perry and break up with a boyfriend all with one little accessory. 341 more words

Epicurean Street Cuisine

Nikah Tamasya

Ejiee udah kebelet kawin nih yee postingannya pake nikah-nikah segala :D

Pertama kali denger istilah Nikah Tamasnya, gw pikir itu nikah sambil jalan-jalan. Cetek banget kan pemikiran gw. 226 more words

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