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Thrifty Tourist

Galena, Illinois. A lovely town. Cute shops. Yummy restaurants. And ridiculously easy to drop a wad of cash in.

Today we drove up to spend some time with friends. 386 more words


Let's start here...

So my initial thought was to post a recipe or some other fun fact on budgeting… but let’s get real – budgeting isn’t fun. 1,095 more words


Combining Finances

Even though The Banker and I have lived together for over 3 years, we haven’t ever really combined finances. We have a shared account that our rent comes out of, to which we each contribute equally. 309 more words

Hidden College Costs

Don’t ignore these hidden costs when planning your college budget

If you’re planning to continue your education or if your children are approaching college age, you may be shocked when you first see what tuition costs at many schools. 666 more words

Tips & Best Practices

Two Becoming One, and Financial Differences

We have been married  four months. Not long in time perspective but things are going good. We have little disagreements but nothing I would say was bad. 595 more words

Bad Habits Costing You (as reported by www.dailyfinance.com)

In order to set yourself up for financial success, most people think about all the ways that they can make more money. But instead, it’s smarter to think about what you might do to save more. 91 more words


Budgeting Is a Way Out

Imagine that you are in the middle of a forest. You look up and all you see are limbs and leaves. There is just enough light filtering through to prove the sun is in the sky. 409 more words