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Shopping Trip for First Week of September + Meal Ideas

After going home for the long Labor Day weekend (hooray, free food for 3-1/2 days!), I have returned to school and purchased food for another week. 443 more words


The 10 Truths of "6 Months No Shopping"

Forgive my absence. Instead of rushing to recap my no-shopping challenge, I went on a little vacation to San Francisco (sans kids/avec shopping!) and kind of put the post on the back burner! 1,533 more words

Budding Fashionista

10 Under $100

I have a job I wouldn’t trade for the world, but that doesn’t mean I have the best salary ever. In fact, I have to stick to a strict budget, and although I do (obviously) love designer and luxury items, I mostly stick to bargains. 72 more words

Getting Our Hands Dirty Part 2

Now that you’ve seen our bills and can mentally compare them to your own, you’re probably thinking one of several things:

  1. Wow! These people are screwed!
  2. 1,155 more words

The Spend $0 Challenge

It’s surprising how hard it is to go a day without spending money. Unless you live at home with your parents and never go out you will almost certainly end up spending money in some fashion every day. 380 more words

Chris Riddell

Hoping your Labor Day Holiday was safe and Happy! Back to work...

Here we are a new month and a new week for you to consider shopping, cooking and eating! I have posted some new recipes on Tasty Kitchen.com one that I think you may like is a French Toast with Maple cream cheese filling? 291 more words

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MileagePlus Program (iLOVEYOU)

After doing some mileage program research, I decided to go with the Chase United MileagePlus Explorer card a few years ago. There is an annual fee, but it’s minimal and you… 353 more words