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The Married Budget, Part 1: Organization

I have a few posts coming up about how we handle money as a married couple. What was originally a single post got far too long so I’ve split it up.  590 more words


Financial Abuse ~ The Marital "Kind"

I’ve been hearing a lot about financial abuse lately.  Friends are relating stories of how their friends have been financially abused for years and no one knew.   348 more words


Is Halloween Financially scary for you?

I see the posts on Facebook and hear the comments everywhere this time of year.  “I spent over $100 just on candy to hand out”!  “We spent over $200 on our halloween costumes this year!”  “I bought all new haloween decorations, and it cost me a fortune!” 620 more words

Personal Finance

Stop Paying the Bills & Start Budgeting

After talking with a lot of people, I have found that most families think they are budgeting. It turns out, they’re not actually budgeting. They‘re just paying the bills. 274 more words


Combining Finances

First, let me preface this post by saying I don’t necessarily believe that combining finances is the right step for every couple. I’m not nearly obnoxious enough to suggest such a thing that *my* answer is also *your* answer. 517 more words


Budgeting? Apps? Dave Ramsey?

I used to be terrible at budgeting; I was in a habit of getting paid, and then immediately spending it all, which was something I had picked up from my mother and one of my ex-boyfriends. 1,372 more words


How to go on dates as a Broke-Ass Student

Free(ish) fun ideas for dates when you’re a Broke-Ass Student

Fear not, Broke-Ass Students, for we have the help you need for organising that date. Money can sometimes be an issue when you’re a student, but we have some great ideas to help you guys have fun for free! 309 more words