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Buying That First Car

You shall have no other gods before Me. – Exodus 20:3

After the rather dark and distressing nature of last week’s post, I’m ready for a little levity. 683 more words

"In Suuuummmmmerrr"

Where have I been all summer?!  Even my daughter chimed in with an admonishment that I haven’t blogged in forever.

This summer just FLEW by, but it was filled with new experiences. 262 more words

Money Saving Strategies

The average person needs to manage expenses carefully to make ends meet. A good first step is to build a savings fund so there is cash available to cushion against the unexpected and also enable you to take advantage of money saving opportunities. 176 more words

Saving And Investing

It is Thursday already, my time just flies by!!!

Thursday’s Breakfast: Something we have not yet talked about is biscuits and gravy, are you a fan? It is a flavorful dish using a milk gravy base and breakfast sausage and warm biscuits. 199 more words

What's New?

Blanching Peaches

Blanching sounded like a hassle and a difficult process to me a couple weeks ago.  Now it is my go-to process to get the skins off of ripe peaches quickly.   251 more words

Meal Plans

And America's Best Tippers Live In...

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By Miguel Helft… 192 more words

This 1 Mistake Could Cost You Hundreds of Dollars

Everybody hates bank fees, but what’s even more worse is not knowing when or why you’re getting dinged with those charges.

In a new study, … 512 more words