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Financial Future

I feel like I talk a lot about the things I want to do rather than making them actually happen. I’m working on this by having my 30 by 30 list to focus on but one of those items is a lot harder than just getting out and doing it: 467 more words


Are Vices a Wealth Drain?

Many people have vices. Whether its smoking cigars, drinking, sports betting, spending that $5.00 on coffee, etc.

Virtually every personal finance blog tells us that these are drains on wealth, that if we only cut out these little joys in our life, we will be on the track to wealth. 469 more words


Kids and Debt

Money management – a cornerstone of business and life in general, but how many of our kids really “get it” until we toss them out into the waters of independence? 1,017 more words

Parenting And Management

11 Habits of the Wealthy

Author – Amanda Christensen

Ever wondered how wealthy people got that way? While we don’t have any tips on how to make money quick, we have come across 11 habits of wealthy people that might help us explain what really sets the wealthy apart from the rest of us. 63 more words

Home & Family

How To Hire an RV for $1 a Day

$1 a day? That’s not right is it? Well, yes, it is. Sometimes.

We’ve been looking at how we can save money on the most expensive things whilst we are travelling, so we can spend our money on the fun and exciting stuff and we stumbled over this little beauty. 378 more words


Eat Healthy Without Breaking the Bank: How to Eat Organic and All Natural on a Budget

It was 3 years ago when I came home with 10 bottles of yellow mustard. In my mind I had scored big time because I had watched a few episodes of Extreme Couponing, and was determined to be as extreme as my couponing skills allowed. 1,571 more words


Are Consolidation Loans Worthwhile?

The positives and negatives of consolidation loans
Although there are an endless variety of reasons why people find themselves in over their heads with debt, the cost of education is frequently to blame. 683 more words