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Top 10 funniest things about: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

We’re having a nostalgia week on Final Girl and what better way to start off the trip down memory lane then with a look at Buffy the Vampire Slayer one of my all time favourite childhood shows; yes I had liberal parents. 1,042 more words

Joss Whedon

The "guilty pleasure" vs. just about everything else

Some of us lean towards the phrase “so bad it’s good”. Others choose the more frank “shit but I love it”. Then there are those of us who shamefully label something we love as a “guilty pleasure”. 710 more words


What's a Human?

What is it that makes us human? Honestly, what do you think it is about me that makes me human or not? How about yourself? I want to explore that idea today. 3,166 more words

Monster Souls (BtVS/ Multiple) Chapter 1 Part 1

Note: Sorry ^^” Life’s been hectic… a lot of things have been going on in my personal life and I finally found time to complete a side draft. 1,591 more words


Of Buffy and Auri

Where I talk a bit about two things that I recently finished. One old, one new. One long, the other short.

This past week I finished both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Patrick Rothfuss’s  627 more words


Why do we trust Superheroes?

Why do we trust Superheroes?

If Watchmen tells us anything, it is that heroes and superheroes are as flawed as you and I. Hell, some of them are far worse than you and I.   1,301 more words


Sutro-Watchtower Podcast 28. Nerdy Old Men


Misery loves company, so we welcome our very special Guest Aaron Bartel (Driving Sports) to our fine podcast to re-hash 3 – 5 year old comic shop arguments like Spider-Man 3…what went wrong. 92 more words