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My blog's search terms are scarier than yours

Most folks who read my blog are bloggers.

A handful of others got here by searching for a particular word or phrase. After peeking around, they decided to stay awhile. 492 more words


a gcs adventure: day 27 night and day 28 [and a note]

No NSFW pic this time! Read down and I explain why.

I’m including day 27 night because…what a night.  I had random shooting pain and general unease and uncomfortableness.   456 more words

A GCS Adventure

Jennifer Lawrence Winning

J-Law’s people got Google to take down the website displaying her hacked pictures not once, but twice. Hard to believe the bad guys changed their domain name and put up the highly illegal pictures again. 158 more words


My Favourite Vampire Movies/Series

This post is a little different from the others. I am  giving some reviews on vampire movies/series that I like and dislike and the reasons for it. 535 more words


Angel Rewatch - Podcast for 1.19 "Sanctuary"

Here is the podcast covering episode nineteen of season one, “Sanctuary”.

Download here or subscribe to us on iTunes or Stitcher

Please leave feedback by commenting on the post here, emailing the angelrewatch@gmail.com or sending a voicemail to 206-203-3276. 37 more words

a gcs adventure: day 26

you know the drill

Today was yet another good day.  I had another successful day of keeping it easy.  A and I visited a friend’s house to drop off an Avon catalog and other stuff.   241 more words

A GCS Adventure

Xander Harris Incarcerated!

Oh how the mighty have fallen!… ok, maybe not mighty; at least certainly not these days, but DAYUM!  Nicholas Brenden, one of the original “scoobies” on that well loved, cult phenomenom, … 89 more words