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Episode 1, Strip 7 "Radical Stick Dreamers"

I really like the Buffy-Willow exchange in the beginning here, and this is what this comic’s take on Willow’s awkward dialogue can look like. The last panel went through a lot of changes, but I liked where it ended up.


...get a head start

In the calendar of special television holidays, Halloween has always had a special place in my heart. Getting to see your favorite characters enjoy this fantastic, candy-fueled holiday was an annual treat. 274 more words


Bif Naked, My WCW

My WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) is the amazing Bif Naked, a musician out of Canada, who’s music has been my playlist through many of the most important moments of my life. 103 more words

Quote of the Day

Willow:  (about Angel) Wow, two centuries of dating. If you only had two a year, that’s still, like, four hundred dates with four hundred different… (Buffy gives her a look) Why do they call it a mace?

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Quote Of The Day


My husband and I took our kids to Six Flags for Fright Fest. I am afraid of heights but I love roller coasters. I don’t look down when I got to the top of that huge drop. 138 more words

Episode 1, Strip 6 "Sparkle Sparkle"

Of all the main characters, the one whose background I’m messing around with the most is Giles, as he is not appointed to be Buffy’s watcher, he’s just a lecherous old man who is obsessed with his own Britishness. 33 more words


Top 10 Buffy Episodes According to my Mom

My mom is my Buffy partner in crime, along with my brother. We fell head over heels for the series in the summer of 2013; it consumed our daily lives and we would often use it as motivation to get through the work day knowing a golden episode of television was waiting for us at home. 584 more words

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