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M. Powering Quotes

When I had the idea to write this post about empowering quotes, I immediately thought to give it the title seen above you. I thought of this as a failed attempt at being funny or somehow cute. 2,021 more words


Waiting Game

Chapter Two – Peace.

Her set was over.

The floor was littered with napkins and straws.

Bar stools scattered around.

Tables pushed together.

Pool cues leaning against the wall. 2,780 more words


Waiting Game

Waiting Game
Riley Scott

Summary: Buffy Summers never dreamed of being famous, she never thought of performing for sold out crowds. All she wanted was to write her own music and lose herself on a dimly lit stage and to reach people. 1,642 more words


Quote of the Day

Xander:  Well, the Hellmouth, the center of mystical convergence, supernatural monsters: been there.

Buffy:  Little blasé there, aren’t you?

Xander:  I’m not worried. If there’s something bad out there we’ll find, you’ll slay, we’ll party!

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Quote Of The Day

Stephanie Reads Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 Issue #6

I Wish: Part 1

One of the reasons I love the Buffy series is that while dealing with supernatural entities and saving the world, there is always this other element of the mundanity of life. 355 more words


Dr Paula James addressed the British Science Fiction Association

Paula James, Senior Lecturer in Classical Studies, was invited to address the seventh British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) lecture at their convention in London last week. 434 more words

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The Long Story About the Short Girl

I think there are a lot of things that people expect from life right after college. Or just from their twenties. Or being any age really. 1,399 more words