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Giles:  How exactly do you propose to hunt someone you can’t see? You may have to work on listening to people.

Buffy:  Very funny.


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Quote Of The Day

Recommended Reading: Joss Whedon: The Biography, by Amy Pascale

Dear Readers, it has probably not escaped your notice that I am a glasses-wearing, reference-section-having, sci-fi-and-semi-colon-loving, Battlestar-Galactica-quoting, James-Kirk-and-Jane-Austen-action-figure-owning Nerd-Geek.

(A Nerd-Geek, according to me, is one who is inclined to passionate devotion to both things bookish and things in the science/sci-fi/fantasy realm . 1,450 more words

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Buffy Rewatch: 1x02 - The Harvest

Willow: Oh, I need to sit down.
Buffy: You are sitting down.
Willow: Oh, good for me. 

Buffy: God, I am so mentally challenged!

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“I’m insane. What’s his excuse?”

Spike says this about Xander, in season seven, episode three of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


The Cat is Dead

In death Buffy gained more prominence than he ever experienced in his miserable life. As a tom cat he was unpopular, neighbors shot him with power-washers, steered their cars towards him in the street, and set their dogs on him. 317 more words


“Angel’s our friend… except I don’t like him”

Xander said this in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He never liked Angel!