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If I could make it rain like Warren Buffet...what would I buy???

I used to love the VH-1 show “The Fabulous life of…blah..blah..blah” I would see the cars, the houses, the clothes and think WOW, what would it be like to have THAT much money to buy $100 pair of panties and wear a different pair of socks every day of he week. 161 more words

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Test Drive: 2.3 Million Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse

Wanna know what it’s like to drive a Bugatti? Imagine you’re JayZ and you’re waving to your adoring fans, all of whom are enthusiastic just to get a glance of you.  136 more words


Bugatti - "Luxury Plus"

Private Bugatti Car show – Vancouver

Bugatti’s, private jets by London air and 24 k gold leaf Fazioli

Roy and Rosemary in Concert

Spotted: Arnold Schwarzenegger Driving All Around In A Bugatti Veyron by Auto Blog Via

What do you do when you get rid of your custom Mercedes-Benz Unimog? Purchase a Bugatti! At least that is what it seems like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s done. 44 more words

Ethos, Pathos, & Logos In Social Media

The photograph I chose is from my friend Casey’s Facebook page. The purpose of this assignment was to chose a photo and a text post, and determine the different types of appeals they utilized. 245 more words

How to Buy and Own a Luxury or Exotic Car Responsibly

(ABoD) Dallas – Back in college, when perhaps you were struggling to make ends meet, you scraped up enough money to buy a reliable car to get you back and forth to school form your off-campus apartment. 868 more words

Affluent Blacks