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GroupGo - My entry for RailsRumble 2014

The competition kicked off at 12:00AM UTC / 00:00 UTC on October 18th, 2014 and ended at 11:59PM / 23:59 UTC on October 19th, 2014. Had a great fun being on board with hundreds of participants around the world. 508 more words


RIP Beatle

Dear Cat,

You learned about death today.

One moment you were playing with your new best friend, Beatle…Ah, Beatle. So full of life, vigor, and the vague allure of possibly being food. 75 more words


The Vinagaroon and the Importance of the Actually Unknown

There comes a day in some people’s lives when they need to see a vinagaroon. I found mine under a rock in the wilderness. I moved the rock out of the trail and beneath it, the strangest creature I’d ever encountered. 484 more words

Eliminating Homes From Bed Bugs and Preventing Their Return

Good pest control against bed bug infestation in ones’ home should be inclusive of measures to prevent the insects’ return after complete extermination.

R77.10: Identity Awareness and Groups

I’m on the edge of this so unfortunately don’t know the details, but my buddy will bring me up on the details as it develops. I have a 1/2 blog created on the details and am trying to bring it up to date. 202 more words

Check Point

JET Cast podcast #2

#494554333 / gettyimages.com

Two of my fellow TAFE students (Jay and Traudy) and I recently made our second podcast where we discussed the morals and ethics behind killing insects (it’s a good one!!), the Ice Bucket Challenge and false labelling on food products. 21 more words