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It's Getting Hot in Here, so please...

Swimming.  Swimming.  Swimming.  Lachlan likes the water A LOT.  He is his Mommy’s son.  There is nothing more refreshing on a 90 degree day than little man and Mommy being silly in a pool or running through splash fountains at a local park.   1,141 more words

I Have a Bug On My Head but Don't Call Me a Bug Head. An old post rescued from the crypt. Originally written on June 27, 2013.

Twice this week I have attempted a safe journey to the outside world from our dark hotel room to let my dog relieve himself and twice I have returned with a medium sized bug on my head. 815 more words


Mower's Log: My Perilous Quest into the Wilderness

I had to mow today.

Mowing, the only activity that allows me the opportunity to get hit in the head with trees, chased (possibly sting) by bees, and flare up my allergies all at the SAME TIME! 523 more words


Hummingbird Moth

First time I have ever seen a Hummingbird Moth.



There are approximately 1,700 species of insect belonging to the order Hemiptera (Bugs) in Britain. Bugs are characterized by the possession of a rostrum, or beak, which is used to suck juices from plants or animal prey.

Gigantic aquatic insect found in China has record-setting wingspan, possibly anal spray

Back in college, when it came time to pick an upper-level science class to get my general education credits, I settled on a class in entomology, aka… 545 more words