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Finding Bugs through Bugs using the SOS Heuristic

Let’s break down the general steps to get to an issue:

  1. Setup the test i.e. get it to a certain state
  2. Perform an action to an object (sometimes, using some data)
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-2 new finds -

So i had a wonderful day at RSPB Minsmere this week. theres always something new, lively and exciting to see. saying that, i didnt see all that many birds this trip, but i did manage to find 2 new (for me) butterfies, so i shall share the photos i did get of them ^^ 211 more words


WHAT SUCKS TODAY - Leaf-Eating Insects

How is it that with my supposedly superior human mind I cannot remember how to get to a certain pace I may have been before, even if recently…and yet these damn little spider buggies with their pin-head brains return every year and are able to find and destroy the very same plants they took out last year?  Bug brains suck.

Sour Conditions

coast-to-coast Madagascar

The plan is simple – to be a part of the world’s first group to walk across the northern part of the island from east to west, entirely on foot, a distance of almost 400 km, in the seemingly impossible timeframe of three weeks.

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Health & Safety

Big problems — small solution

This turned out to be one of my favorite activities at the CWC Secret Worlds camp in Korea. Sticking with our theme of miniature characters, I had each student pit a character against a big problem! 127 more words