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Crashes and Reports

Again, this is from my experience working on an MMO. This is not so much a question, but an observation. Well, almost a plea... 1,039 more words


Our conflicted relationship with bugs - New article

The interesting thing about bugs is that they can virtually change any space into a ‘monstrous geography,’ including our very own bodies before and after we die. 408 more words


Flying Lizards, Poisonous Snakes and Crazy Caterpillars

The last few days have been spent in the field setting up light traps in the evening, leaving them over night and then collecting any moths that they have caught early the next morning. 152 more words


A Peaceful, Quiet Grassy Meadow? Take Another Look

On average, five acres of grassland contain about one ton of insects.

The number of predatory invertebrates such as beetles may exceed 2,000 per square centimeter of ground. 28 more words


La CucaRocka

La Cucaracha,
one man mariachi band
married to a WITCHY WOMAN
with a million NEW KIDs IN TOWN
staying down at the local Motel 6… 111 more words