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I’m a puppet 

who is disgusting

Get away 


What are you Why did you build me like this


I’m a puppet

Who can feel




The Beginning

I moved here to Melbourne from Christchurch, New Zealand 3 or so months ago and instantly began looking for a chassis from which to build my budget drift car. 110 more words

Build Muscle Faster By Thinking Positive

In bodybuilding and any health recreation for that topic, your mind-set is without doubt one of the most vital elements. for those who don’t have the psychological strength to suppose sure when you find yourself struggling your are likely to get pissed off, give up extra simply, leave out periods or grow to be slack in your vitamin.

Lego, Lego and More Lego...

My son must have one of the largest Lego collections a boy could have. We have started a, I suppose you could call it a tradition, of having a new Lego set for him to assemble during his holidays. 314 more words


The tiny house is moving forward in leaps and bounds, and then something comes up that stalls everything for a bit and then the build moves forward in a different direction until something comes up that has to be creatively encountered.     724 more words


Char 2C - Part 3: Painting and decals

Char 2C is another piece I have been working on recently. As much as construction was straightforward, painting is more of a pain. The colour to be used is actually bit of a mystery. 320 more words


Building Bonanza Update: Kitchen Installation

It has been a full week of building.  The kitchen cabinets are in, the plumbing has been started and is almost complete inside the house, another order of lumber was done  for the bathroom siding, the ceiling under the loft and the remainder of the trim; the bathtub has been built and the fiberglass tub is ⅔ complete. 675 more words