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Scaling Enterprise Software Companies is Harder than Ever

There is a common misconception within the startup community that building companies is easier than ever. Part of the argument is the amazingly cheap costs of infrastructure available with cloud infrastructures such as AWS or Google Cloud, the relatively easy access to early stage capital as well as the free distribution and commercialization channels available to any company. 560 more words

Wisdom at Work

Carpentry is a spiritual discipline to me, in a manner of speaking. As someone who spends most of his professional life planting invisible seeds and nurturing spiritual saplings—how can you possibly speak of ministry without such metaphors?—it’s a welcome relief to work on a project with fixed parameters. 561 more words


How To Build Workbench by Decorationzy

Woodworking is a project for improving your house to make it more attractive and nice. Some people prefer to hire professionals to do the woodworking projects, but some people also prefer to do it themselves. 30 more words

Evening declaration (0: speak wisely and sleep well (0:

Proverbs 28:27-“Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered.” I was told once that the wisest person in the room was the one who wasn’t saying anything; because they were seeing and hearing everything that’s going on. 281 more words

How To Build Workbench

Woodworking is a undertaking for strengthening your property to make it more desirable and nice. Some men and women prefer to employ specialists to do the woodworking projects, but some men and women also choose to do it themselves. 16 more words


Usus - Prepare to fetch logs

Functionally, the implementation of functions parsePkgList() and parseTstList() would be similar to the function parseBuildList(). However, there are few additional considerations here:

  • The contents of a text file received in response to the AJAX request must be shown as-is on the web page.
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