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Fashion With a Conscience

Have you ever stopped to think of the effect the products you purchase have on the environment and on the people associated with creating them? If you are the average consumer the answer is no. 569 more words

Don't Forget the Website!

In the world of social media and networking with fans, it can be easy to get stuck in the social rut. I’ve been there.

But once you drag yourself out, maybe even kicking and screaming, there’s a chance to utilize a space you  643 more words



We have just had new labels printed for our Body Treat. Finally, the product range looks like a coordinated brand, something it has failed at in the past. 268 more words

Amplify your brand

With all of the marketing noise out there, it’s hard to get heard sometimes.

With marketing professionals pushing and pulling consumers all over the shop, it’s hard to know where to position yourself. 284 more words

Taking a look at Chanel.. From another angle!!

Styling is everywhere. 

Lifestyle Inspiration

Of Other Lands..

The journey so far has been pretty crazy. We’ve taken the bad with the good and kept going from strength to strength. Patience has got to be a very rare commodity these days, no one seems to have it. 557 more words