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Defining Evelyn Everybody

Part of the process of starting my own brand has been coming up with an identity.
It’s been incredibly more difficult than you might think it’d be. 668 more words

Evelyn Everybody

3 Reasons You're Not Making Money in Your Business...

I can remember my first speaking gig and the level of excitement at the thought of finally getting the opportunity to be on stage. As an entrepreneur they always say that the fastest way to grow your list is to speak. 612 more words

Small Business

Playing with Balloons

Life involves degrees of thought – whether it’s business or personal. And of course, Imagination – an elusive commodity in an over-marketed and digitized world. There was a time when daydreaming was so easy. 455 more words

What is Authority Marketing, and How Can You Use it To Build Your Brand?

A new trend in the marketing industry is a technique called authority marketing. After writing several pieces of content about this concept for various clients, I have become interested in the technique myself. 612 more words

Authority Marketing

Marc Ecko - Advice On Building Your Own Brand

Marc Ecko speaks about building up the Ecko brand, creating Complex Magazine and release of his new book.


Are you making progress?

This is the time that we reflect on what we’ve been able to accomplish and where we are looking to go. It’s the first of October and the beginning of the last quarter of 2014 and can you express the increase that you’ve experience in your journey? 225 more words


2014 Brewbound Brew Talks Chicago: Developing Strong Brand Personalities

This another panel discussion from the 2014 Brewbound Beer Talks in Chicago, hosted by Lagunitas Brewing Company on September 23rd.

The discussion topic is “Developing Strong Brand Personalities” with Brand Strategist Michael Kiser and John Barley, Co-Founder and President, Solemn Oath Brewing.