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What the Success of 'Brand Beyoncé' Can Teach About Building a Brand

This is nothing less of a textbook strategy in building a brand effectively. Technology has brought consumer and company closer together, allowing more accurate data sharing. 105 more words

Build Your Brand

Make Your Brand Value Undeniable!

Building a Brand these days is hard. Putting yourself out there is hard. You want people to know and see what you do. You want to build a name and profile in what you do.  125 more words

Tonte Bo Douglas

What's in Your Profit Plan?

A profit plan is set of specific action items that will create an automated profit producing machine. Automated profit producing machines are revenue streams in your business, and the goal is lead you straight to the money.   451 more words

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Paydirt for Kim Kardashian: The Confluence of Mass & Social Media

There has been lots of talk in the past weeks about Kim Kardashian.  When I spoke recently at Web Summit in Dublin, I touched upon the explosion of social media, growing a whopping 80% from 2013 to 2014. 917 more words


Client Success Story: The Power of a Marketing Plan

I’m a planner.  I plan everything.  I still use a pen and paper planner to map out all of life’s obligations and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  786 more words


What Is a Writer's Platform?

A writer’s platform is a conglomerate of all the methods a writer uses to promote his name and his work. Your platform may begin online (website, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads), but don’t overlook other approaches to making a name for yourself: speaking; teaching; writing a newspaper column; building personal and professional connections; a strong list of past publications; memberships in professional organizations; media appearances and interviews. 119 more words

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Defining Evelyn Everybody

Part of the process of starting my own brand has been coming up with an identity.
It’s been incredibly more difficult than you might think it’d be. 668 more words

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