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Burn The Brush Pile: Take 3

Dale had pushed the brush pile earlier in the week, but because of urgent appointments on my calendar I was unable to get down to the property to finish the burning job. 602 more words


Burn The Brush Pile: Take 2

Dear husband joined me for the 2nd attempt at burning the towering pile of tree waste left when the large trees were harvested.

Gasoline, matches, cardboard boxes – yep, they burn, but the brush is stacked high & not consolidated enough to get any real heat going not to mention “green.” 143 more words


Mama is Homeless

Yup. Sold our sweet little farm house and moved all that shit out. Figured it was time for an update. We have moved in with the ‘rents while our new digs is being thrown together. 551 more words


10 Lessons For First Time Home Buyers

10 Lessons For First Time Home Buyers – Buying a home for the first time is a major learning experience. We’ve gathered our top lessons for first time home buyers to ensure you’re prepared for the process. 538 more words

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Not-So-Mute Monday: Goldfinches

The potted Black-eyed Susan outside the apartment window was dancing as though being blown by a stiff wind.

Wait a minute – there is no wind today! 57 more words


Burn The Brush Pile: Take 1

The brush pile left by the removal of trees was unexpectedly large.
If I had realized how big this was going to be I would have worked a better deal with Jesse! 228 more words



Blocked by a chert berm!

More rain has shown a weakness in the driveway near the road.
Dale is placing another culvert, 12 inches x 30 feet, in a wash area hoping it will stop another Grand Canyon from forming. 29 more words