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The Practical Gift of Humility

Some time ago, there was an online discussion that came about from a blog post published by Mary Jo Asmus.  In it, Mary Jo  outlined a number of important gifts people can give to those they lead; the more intangible ones that make a big difference when building a happy and engaged workforce. 416 more words


Concert for an aching forest

The forests of Cheran are at the centre of a most intricate problem. It was to stop their indiscriminate felling that town people took control of Cheran and went back to their ancient administration system of “Usos y Costumbres” (ancient traditions), which was just recently recognised as a legitimate right by Mexico’s Supreme Court. 695 more words


Leadership and the Importance of Observation

In Western Society, we’re big on jumping into action. Sometimes it leads to big things too. At other times though, chaos is our only reward for leaping into busy work before spending any time at all finding out what’s actually going on. 659 more words