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Appearance of life on Earth 6

The Beginnings of Life on Earth

Christian de Duve

A Cosmic Imperative

I have tried here to review some of the facts and ideas that are being considered to account for the early stages in the spontaneous emergence of life on earth. 452 more words

Building Blocks

Appearance of life on Earth 5

The Beginnings of Life on Earth

Christian de Duve

The Thioester World

It may well be, then, that clues to the nature of that early protometabolism exist within modern metabolism. 867 more words

Building Blocks

Family Dinner Simplified - Building Blocks

Step one to simplifying your family dinners is to have a plan.  The plan doesn’t need to be complicated to start your week off on the right foot. 348 more words


Building Blocks (odd occurrences)

Time molds vivid memories from one’s past into the building blocks of one’s writing…

Odd occurrences or observations in one’s life can make interesting story fodder. 581 more words

Steven S. Walsky

Rainbow Factory

In case you were wondering what one looks like, my daughter and I built one.


Turning the garden into a builder's yard

Our builders have been hard at work, and the back garden is rapidly turning into a builder’s yards.  We have piles of wall blocks, insulation, scalpings, cement, and sand, along with scaffold planks and pipes. 130 more words


The Building Blocks of Life

I had a birthday this year. I’m not letting on, but it was a big one. One with a zero. Hitting those milestones in life seems to make you want to pause for a moment and consider where you’ve come from. 476 more words