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No Longer Fragile

No longer fragile


Radha Prathi, Dec 5, 2014:


Over a period of time, glass has manifested itself in manifold forms and lent its transparent and easy-to-maintain grace in just about every possible ‘modern’ building, observes Radha Prathi… 570 more words

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How Bricks Are Made

Bricks are among the strongest building materials that are used until today. As early as 6000 BC, bricks were already used by people in the Middle East in order to build their houses and granaries. 183 more words

Real Estate

Move In

Not till I set the workbench on its place, the last stationary piece to go in there, did I really know the plan I have had in my mind these past  years was working out OK. 230 more words

Safe Room Construction with Insulated Concrete Forms

During construction of your new dream home constructing a safe room for you and your loved one is a good idea. These safe rooms are designed and constructed in a special manner so that they can stand alone and protect what you value most. 250 more words

Concrete Contractor

9 Questions you need to ask Sales Person before you purchase your dream floor

  1. If there is a problem, who do I call?

Most of the business have multiple level of sale meaning Manufacturer- Distributor- Retailer. That type of levelled  business setting can be stressful and time consuming specially  if facing experiencing some  problems. 476 more words


The Evolution of Bridge

The bridge is used to provide a way over an obstacle, such as water, valley or road. Its size differs according to its destination, it can be used to cross a river or even from one city to another. 591 more words