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How to Start Cement Business in Nigeria

Cement supply business is one of the best and easiest building material business anyone could start right now. People have been looking for information on How to start cement business in Nigeria without finding any substantial details. 1,078 more words

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Give Your Doggy A Warm Home

The number of ‘nuclear family’ is getting increased and pets are placing as partners of human. In Korea, about ten millions of people are keeping companion animals. 303 more words

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Construction Trend: Prefabricated Housing

Given the increased costs of owning and building ones home around the world, prefabricated housing is on the rise as it offer home owners the ability to have their own home and at an affordable price. 238 more words


Kuala Lumpur: Sky Scrapers of Steel

The Sky line of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is known throughout Asia and indeed the World for its iconic landmarks. But perhaps what is less well known is what exactly is holding one of Asia’s world city’s tallest buildings peering skywards. 243 more words


Inside-out: Galvanizing Your Interiors

Despite its typical applications in outdoor environments where many metals are prone to rust, there is an increasing trend towards using galvanized steel, in particular sheeting indoors for not only its durable nature, but also its appealing metallic aesthetic.  310 more words


From A to Zinc; A Precarious Metal Industry

A little known but highly important metal used in a range of products is Zinc. Zinc has an array of applications, from it’s possibly most well known use in sunscreen all the way to outdoor furniture, tools, aircraft, electric vehicles and garage doors. 276 more words

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