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Tracking your progress...

The key to keeping track of your fitness goals whether it be losing weight, putting on muscle, or maintaining your great physique is to track you workouts and calories. 81 more words


Push Workout

Woke up at 3:30 this morning to get my workout in before my 12 hour shift at work. Here’s a quick breakdown of my workout. 100 more words


Can Outdoor Sports Build Muscle?

If you’re the kind of guy who wants to build muscle and how to build muscle fast but doesn’t want to get too bulky, outdoor sports training can be a great alternative to typical gym workouts. 497 more words

Building Muscle

I just hit the 100 lbs. mark, and I am PISSED.

Hello all!

Yesterday, I scheduled myself to only do a 3 mile run…

I couldn’t do it. I did 2.2 miles instead in about 17 minutes. 565 more words


Burn, Baby! Burn!: The Truth About Lactic Acid

It seems that almost every conversation about resistance training or anaerobic activity always centers on “The Burn”. I’m talking about that deep burning sensation in your muscles that feels hot or stingy when reaching muscle exhaustion during weight training or short burst energy activities like sprinting. 273 more words


My Arm Workout...

Heading to the gym on 0 hours of sleep and a 12 hour shift ahead… lol it’s going to be a long day. Here’s my arm workout I’ve been using, it’s been working good so far. 95 more words


Wheying it up!

Protein shakes have become huge within the fitness industry. They are regarded as the ultimate ‘muscle building formula’. These tasty shakes are the perfect go-to, low calorie snack or post/pre workout meal… but how good are they really? 716 more words