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Smart Approach to Grow Taller and Getting Bigger Muscles for Young Athletes Who Persist in Training

Your muscles and liver glycogen stores only a limited amount that must be replaced after each workout. Endurance athletes may worry that “hitting the wall” or feel very tired before finishing. 2,392 more words

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Rest - The Most Important Factor in Building Muscle

Do you work five days a week, twice a day because all the muscle magazines say that more is better? Or see all the muscle heads in the gym doing this and you assume that because they look buff to work? 559 more words

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The key to dealing with the heat and keeping the horse interested in the training is introducing variety.  I can offer my horse variety without sacrificing his conditioning and training.   672 more words


Tips For Integrating Yoga With A Muscle Development Program

Weight lifting is quite enjoyable if you do it properly and in the safest manner possible. You will find satisfaction in your workout, the benefits and the results of building muscle. 36 more words

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Bulking as a woman

Bulking, or putting on muscle, is hard. For almost everyone. Especially for women. When you bulk, you put on weight. Ideally 90% of that weight is muscle. 732 more words

Why I Broke Up with my Bathroom Scale

So last Saturday, Nic (my life partner and number 1 supporter) and I headed to Move after teaching my morning Yoga class. We have been planning to get a body composition analysis for quite some time now but never had the chance. 964 more words


Can I Get A Spot, Bro? Round 10: Muscle Building 101

This past week, I received a question from a friend asking about da gainz. He wanted to know how to add slabs of muscle to his body while getting shredded so that he could pick up girls by just flexing his biceps. 1,868 more words